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berniceji berniceji

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drunk after a bottle of cider and three of beer, surprisingly fast, looked like a junkie. friend laughed at me for getting drunk too fast.


Daisypony Daisypony

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Classic one! I was 16 the first time and it was at my friends' birthday. We were sleeping in tents at my friend's chalet. The drinks wasn't strong alcohol but we still took enough to be drunk. I had a good time there and couldn't stop laughing. Sadly it was the only time I had so much fun because of the alcohol. I did drink after that and I still do, but being drunk is just not the same now.


sarah1777 sarah1777

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I do not drink. But I can say I got drunk and had quite the experience. Never again.


Aryah Aryah

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I've never gotten drunk... But I wanna try it at least once 

Completed on August 10th (2018). I threw up all the day after.

aspeckofdust aspeckofdust

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I tried beer long back, when I was 7. Back then, I had one sip of it and wondered how people could even push it down their throat. Then at 13 I had one sip of champagne, at 15 I snuck into the kitchen and had 2 sips of wine. I kind of liked wine.

At 18 I tried to get drunk on wine, miserably failed as I fell asleep. No hangover.

At 19, I got drunk in the real sense. At the age when I understood why people do it. To run away. I had vodka, lots of it.

Thankfully with a very good company of my boyfriend, who took care of me, helped me walk, removed my socks and put me to sleep whilst I laughed and laughed and laughed uncontrollably, incessantly cracking the stupidest lamest jokes with sudden bouts of getting too emotional and crying.

So main point is I laugh a lot when drunk.

And yes, hangover sucks but mine was still not as bad as media makes it to be even though I was considerably inebriated.

I probably won’t  get drunk again. If I do, it would only to get my socks removed again and to be put to sleep like a child.


maila_ani maila_ani

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 I requested for an inuman session after the First Quarterly Tests. I just wanted to finally experience it for myself. We spent the night at Humprey's house. We played a drinking/card game, which was outrageous. I laughed so hard I was actually tearing up. I drank a lot of shots. I like drinks with a chaser. The one that I remember is tequila. I think I also drank vodka, which I didn't like, I think. I drank a mixed drink, Tanduay Ice, which was just like Cali or Sprite. Beer is okay. I don't remember if we drank margarita. By 2am, I was feeling nauseated and a bit dizzy. I think it was probably a combination of the alcohol and lack of sleep. I was still able to drive home safely though. Bad idea. Thank God no one got hurt. I think what I enjoyed about it was the bonding that I shared with my friends. But, the nausea and dizziness part, I did not enjoy. I don't understand why alcohol has to be a factor in creating more special bonding moments with friends. Actually, taking a shot was the consequence of losing the game. Can't we find a substitute for that? I want more moments with my friends, maybe I'll even take a shot again, but I'm never getting drunk again. Not fun.    

CallMeLety CallMeLety

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It was such a terrible event back then. Now I'm able to laugh about it. I ended in the emergency room.

evadeva evadeva

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Get drunk at the party and don't get discovered by your parents.

sokartes sokartes

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You now..

TheseFirstSteps TheseFirstSteps

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Sometime last year I got properly drunk for the first time. I playing a drinking game and 12 shots, two WKD's, a Budweiser (or something to that effect) and a third of the mixed drink in the middle (3 or 4 fingers worth) and I went from completely sober (alcohol not kicked in) to dying. *laughs* BTW I'm a lightweight... *grins*

And I did almost die though... :L I told my friends (or at least tried to) not to get me an ambulance... they didn't and I survived... even went horseriding and jumping afterwards! (P.S. Baths are comfy when you die.)

orangejuic3 orangejuic3

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Stay in school kids

Piggiegirlgoals Piggiegirlgoals

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Not an important goal but I want to experience being drunk at least once! I've drank before but I guess just not enough x'D 

Well I don't really know how to rate was fun but the day after was so horrible..

LiveLoveHope LiveLoveHope

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jezebel009 jezebel009

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And again in February. But never again.

HiTeachMaerose HiTeachMaerose

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ann0402 ann0402

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kpetrova kpetrova

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Oh gosh.

The first time I got drunk, I almost followed a weird guy in his weird truck.



(but the feeling is funny, so Imma give it 4 stars)

hernandezella hernandezella

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i got drunk for the first time during spring break 2013. With all my best girl friends. Stefys birthday. pariss,cristal,robyn,luli,taylor were all there

manduca manduca

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and also... get drunk in Paris

catswithcheekbones catswithcheekbones

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prom party 2013. I was called hot and then I yelled at the person. And daaancing. And spilling drinks apparently. 

I saw someone doing coke. srsly.

and i peed in bushes like 10 feet from people just walking. it was an interesting experience

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