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jesudasjj jesudasjj

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"Miles To Go.." 

Tokimina Tokimina

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A Series of Unfortunate Events is a saga that has transformed my life. After I met Daniel Handler in person, it motivated me to get a tattoo of the insignia of "VFD". VFD is a secret organization that fights against ignorance and evil in the world, and their highest aim is knowledge. All their members have an eye tattoo on their left ankle made with the letters V,F and D. And now, so do I. Was it painful? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Would I do it again? Totally.

ileanad44 ileanad44

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I got a tattoo of the Fibonacci spiral followed by the symbol phi because no one can really explain why the Fibonacci sequence is echoed so clearly in the world of art and nature.


amansingh9097 amansingh9097

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My first tattoo. Its based on Maori civilizations' elements like the shark tooth, the grid, etc. etc. together it resembles a "Warrior King". I got this particular one personally designed, bcz i wanted something that could resemble "Rajput" (Kings as per Hindu mythology)


JenM JenM

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Each butterfly represents my children by their favorite color. Alexander is blue. Aiden is green and Autumn is pink.

Tonilisawalshx Tonilisawalshx

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J on my foot for my brother. RIP.


HugoZ HugoZ

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On my birthday. The month of the Pisces. The Pisces sign on my back. Very special moment for me:)

bohemiaheart bohemiaheart

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For my 27th birthday, I got an 8 Bit Heart on my right forearm. It's taken me a few years to decide on what to get, mainly because I'm indecisive. But earlier this year I decided on what I wanted, and I had until my birthday to get it. My boyfriend has an 8 Bit 1 Up Mushroom on his left forearm. 

I'm very happy with it!


Gnarly.Carly Gnarly.Carly

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I studied Chinese in college, and my first time over seas was to China. So at least my bandwagon character has some meaning! First night of my China trip I snuck out of the hotel and found a tattoo parlor in Tian jin. The guy said I was the first American he ever tatted! :D Also got one in Argentina but didnt take a pic![email protected]/8566648992/in/photostream/lightbox/


Jeminigirl2015 Jeminigirl2015

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Have wanted a small tattoo for ages, but was never really 100% sure as to what to have.  However, my sis has got a few, and during a conversation after her last she mentioned about getting matching sister tattoos.  I started looking on the net for something suitable and loved the infinity sign with sisters through the middle and a feather attached to one end.

Opted for the foot - wasn't told that this was probably one of the worst places to tattoo - but hey ho I survived -- well pleased with the result =) 

pickettgirl pickettgirl

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 Heart tattoo is for a family member that passed. 

Anchor tattoo was for my husband & because love is so important. 

PIGsica PIGsica

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Got matching tattoos with my sister of our initials.


emma.cauwelaers emma.cauwelaers

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Since I was little, I always wanted a tattoo so recently I decided to get one! best choice over made!


slm635 slm635

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 My tattoo says 'Make lemonade' - something my Mother and Grandmother always told me to do. I hope I fulfill this everyday.

Mikouska Mikouska

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153/365 challenge

hades13 hades13

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Tattoos are another way of preserving memories.A way to remember why you had it done, what made you, who was with you, these rather than photos and videos which can get damaged will be with you till the end of your days. The keepsake of my life.

I know have 8.

Lucky 13 in Roman numerals, Blue Rose, White Feather, Peace Sign, 'Breathe', 'Living Is Hard Death Is Easy', Lucky Clover and finally and rose with a skull as abud.

sunshine-shine sunshine-shine

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 my history and my motivation. is there a more beautiful canvas than my own body????

usan21 usan21

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No regrets


philippa.dean philippa.dean

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Cancer ribbon after shaving hair 2012


taylor.lenahan.7 taylor.lenahan.7

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March 1, 2014: Got an anchor with "tsc" in the stern with my sisters! 

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