Dye my hair blonde

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kaelizondo kaelizondo

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4 months ago I sye my hari blonde!!! I love the wy it looks. I feel very different and I think Im gonna keep t this way for a while!!! You wNT TO DO it just go for it!

Vinhsino Vinhsino

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anna.deschutter anna.deschutter

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 I really wanted to dye my hair blonde, and you can see the result! It did'nt last too long though, because it always started to look yellow. Maybe next time I will try ginger hair?  Or rose gold :)

suli.sari suli.sari

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I only did that because I wanted to dye my hair pink and my hair is brown. I looked horrible and didn't feel like me.

chrissydancer chrissydancer

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completed May 2012

olanewrick2002 olanewrick2002

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 It was a painful process!!

taybark15 taybark15

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once when i was 17 and again when i was 18


adelaidemwasyoghe adelaidemwasyoghe

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Always loved blonde highlights but the issue  was  that I have natural african hair and bleaching it destroys the texture..but I  jus was like *to he*l with it* three months ago..and I bleached my locks ..just the tips though

eternaljitters eternaljitters

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 It was definitely worth the awkward Draco phase halfway through the process.

victoria1982j victoria1982j

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 I've dyed my hair blonde a number of times, then back to brown again

melscanlan melscanlan

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Did it, I look aborigional. Cool.


brittmariee007 brittmariee007

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 My dream was to always dye my hair blonde. I just wanted to know how it felt to have blonde hair. 


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 Was a good time!!

lizzymcwire lizzymcwire

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No me gustó.

TonyD TonyD

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Even though I'm a man I did this .twice. By the way I built the fireplace 


noussen noussen

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First time (2006) was so bad, haha, it turned orange!! But I give it an average score of 3 stars since I really like the last time I dyed it blonde (ombre). I don't know how many times I've done this but here are some of the results 2006-2019.

brittanydaniellehull1993 brittanydaniellehull1993

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 I didn't care for me being a blonde. It turned into a more brassy color.

kaialuxme kaialuxme

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 I was born with blond hair and I hated it! "Ooh, people would pay a lot of money to have hair your colour" blah blah blah. I was the only one in my family with blond hair and blue eyes, a throw back to our Scandinavian ancestors, one in each generation. Sounds like the beginning of a superhero story, right? Wrong. I was literally the black sheep of the family. Never part of, never belonging to their brown haired blue eyed clan. I spent from the age of 15 to the age of 28 dying my hair and never wanting to be blond. That was until I cut my hair very short and dyed it white and blue, white and yellow, white purple and pink... when it grew out? Somewhere in those years I turned from very blond to AUBURN! WTF! Who ever heard of going from bond to red head! So naturally, I decided to go blond, beautiful white blond for the first time in over a decade and it was completely out a bottle (that I payed the hairdresser a fortune to do!). 

mylabfromthestar mylabfromthestar

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Not all. Pero atleast kahit nasa work ako my hair is colored blonde. hahaha it was not really the color i want but these 

CourtneyAyres CourtneyAyres

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I just did it when i felt like i needed a change and being brunette i wanted to try it once, i stupidly bleached it from red and it took about six goes to get it to some resemblance of a yellowish blonde colour and the result of that was badly damaged hair. Regardless I'm glad i tried it because I now know to never do it again and it looks terrible on me :')  



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