Do a road trip across America

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Pickles Pickles

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My best mate and I did massive road trip. We started in New Jersey and drove down through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia into Alabama. Across Louisiana and Mississippi into Texas, down to Mexico, up through New Mexico, Arizona and into Nevada. Took in the sights in California , then north through Oregon and Washington finishing in Vancouver Canada. Thousands of miles and so many sights. My friend and i did it on a shoestring budget, using a drive away service where we relocated cars from city to city. We also made sure we stopped on a University Campus each time we were in a city, we would find a college bar and start drinking, sure enough by the end of the night we found a bed for the night (someone was always happy to help out a travelling Aussie). One night in Jackson Mississippi we were unable to get a bed, so we slept in the car....not a good idea as the local sheriff knocked on our window at about 4 in the morning with his gun drawn. He thought we were some sort of drug smugglers as the car was not registered due to us relocating it. After a discussion in the freezing cold night air he eventually let us go. Highlights of the trip are Dallas, Mexico and Oregon (it was so beautiful)

The map is very close to the actual route we followed.


kevinjkydd kevinjkydd

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I have done several long road trips.  The first was in October 2011 and the most recent was August 2019.  


cmarsalko cmarsalko

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2009 summer road trip

elly.ds elly.ds

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I traveled from Miami and visited: Nashville, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Lousiana..... 21 days 

helen.smith.92775838 helen.smith.92775838

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 13 states in 3 weeks. it was emotional

Elephant789 Elephant789

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3 week road trip around the West Coast of America 

toni.currington toni.currington

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First Stop - San Diego - USS Midway musuem - Balboa Park - San Diego Zoo - Mission Beach for dinner (Drafts) and ocean front walk - Belmont Park Second Stop - Palm Springs - Aerial Tramway - State Park hiking - Lunch at Peaks Restaurant 8000ft up in the air - Pool lounging - Dinner at El Marisol Third Stop - Los Angeles - Hollywood Walk of Fame - Muholland Drive (celebrity houses) - Beverley Hills - Hollywood Sign - Shopping - American Diner Shakes ;) Fourth Stop - Beaches - Long Beach Whale & Dolphin Cruise - Santa Monica Beach & Pier - Malibu El Matador State Beach - Santa Barbara Dinner @ Crocodile Restaurant & Bar Fifth Stop - Vegas - Shooting at Strip Gun Club - Food Buffet at Beverage Oasis - Las Vegas Strip - Circus Circus Hotel - Red Rock Canyon & Lake Harriet (Blue Diamond, NV) - Mob Musuem - Fremont Street - Ziplining through Fremont Slotzilla

tesslundvall tesslundvall

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In e drove San Fransisco - Yosemite Park - Highway 1 - Santa Monica, Los Angeles - Hollywood - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Monument Vally - Amarillo - Dallas - San Antonio - New Orleanse - Memphis - Nashville - Washington D.C. - New York City in the summer of 2017. Started 29th of may and went back to Sweden 1 of july. AMAZING!


thehollywoodcornetts thehollywoodcornetts

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Jan and I have traveled across country 4 times, each time was an adventure and we always take a different route. We will be doing it again hopefully next year and plan to go north and then east. 


Never be afraid to go a new route.

ieugenia.ab99 ieugenia.ab99

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 I have travelled much with my parents, my brother, my sister in law and my nephew in the car and I would like to travel more with they but this time in plane

AliciaKuiper AliciaKuiper

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In 2010 my parents and I went on vacation to the USA and we did a three-week road trip.


theadventuredude theadventuredude

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Roadtrips are the best. You, an awesome friend or two and the open road=fun times, getting to know people and endless adventure potential:)

horsiebabe horsiebabe

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Drove over 8 states, Ohio, indiana, illinois, iowa, south dakota, wyoming, minnesota, wisconsin

britter618 britter618

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Drove from IL to NE to CO to AZ to CA

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Life-changing. Every time.


manaahil manaahil

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summer of 2015. 

rockysanders rockysanders

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 Did it in two different trips.  First from California to Ohio.  Second from Iowa to Boston.

DaktaRi DaktaRi

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Arizona / Utah / New Mexico / Nevada


kateokeepsdreaming kateokeepsdreaming

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There are not enogh stars for me to rate my cross country road trip experience high enough. 1,000 stars!! A friend and started in New Jersey and made the following stops/experiences: Bloomington, IN, Chicago, IL (where I met my now husband!), Sioux Falls, SD, Rapid City, SD/Black Hills/Deadwood/Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park/Old Faithful, WY, Cle Elum, WA, Seattle, WA, Portland/Silverton, OR, Leggett, CA, San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ, Tucumcari, NM/Route 66, and Dallas, TX. Our road trip came to an early end due to a family emergency but even making it that far is an experience I will NEVER forget! [email protected]

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Drove from Florida to Washington State for Sasquatch Music Festival. 

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