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Cook something new every day for 30 days

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KellyEngelke KellyEngelke

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I want to cook Thai an Japanese delicacies each day for 30 days. I also came up with menu. See here  


MaryMB MaryMB

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Decided I wanted to finally bake Maple Carrot Cupcakes...I still call them muffins, but Cayley set me straight. Muffins are just ugly

sguthreau sguthreau

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Great food, great times!

1-French Onion Soup

2-Pasta Fagioli


4-Twice Baked Potatoes

5-Chicken Risotto

6-Mussels in Lemon, Butter and Garlic


8-Roasted Spaghetti Squash

9-Apple Bundt Cake

10-Roasted Spaghetti Squash w Sauce

11-Rice Pilaf

12-Flank Steak

13-Potato and Cheddar Cream Soup

14-Jalapeño Poppers

15-Pumpkin Seeds

16-Pepper Chicken Stir Fry

17-Apple Sauce

18-Coffee Cake

19-Romaine Salad

20-Broccoli Cheddar Soup

21-Crockpot Chicken Thighs

22-Apple Pie

23-Sandwich Steaks 

24-Orzo with Butter, Tomatoes and Zuchinni 

25-Black Bean Soup

26-Garlic Bread

27-Stuffed Tomatoes 

28-Oreo Spider Webs 


30-Chicken Cutlets

mariapaz mariapaz

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 la cuarentena es la única culpable

marie.butel marie.butel

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J1 : kaavslinders

J2 : strukli

J3 : costa Rica coconut flan

J4 : chili cheese dog

J5 : shuku shuku

J6 : choripan

J7 : palitos de queso

J8 : empanadas de humita

J9 : kedejnou

J10 : pupusas

J11 : maakouda

J12 : panochas de maiz

J 13 : goji wanja jorang

J 14 : keftedes

J15 : croutes appenzelloises

j16 : pao de queijo

J17 : pita sirnika

​J18 : curry wurst

J19 : biscuits roses iraniens

J20 : poivrons farcis au thon

J21 : puff puff

J 22 : belyachi

J23 : aussie meat pies

J24 : Arroz doce

​J25 : tatale

J 26 : saucisson en brioche

J 27 : bolon de verde

J 28 : onigiri

J 29 : chivito

J 30 : clafotuis cerise amande




OsmiusW OsmiusW

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Trying to come up with recipes seemed hard at first, but it gets much more simpler as you build off of mistakes and previous dishes. 

Wh3yz Wh3yz

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It was beatiful experience.I cook different recipes and they tasted delicious. :)

peanutypants11 peanutypants11

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 This was very good and i tryed lots of new things and probably found some new recipes my dad really liked too, I enjoyed it loads

fenskeh928 fenskeh928

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 i cooked pancakes  it was so good

elisyca elisyca

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Whole30 [email protected]

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I cooked using oats and love it

Wanna see a pic




elizabeth.yohannes.56 elizabeth.yohannes.56

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I rate 5 stars because it was hard as hell, but I managed to do it, and I'm an impeccable quitter. So there, universe. 


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