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Pickles Pickles

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The events was a coporate  teams short course Triathlon and was happy to completed the course. It consisted of a 500m swim, 10km bike ride and a 4 km run.

john.boyd.948494 john.boyd.948494

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 Bourton on the water tri

bilbaroo bilbaroo

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 A huge personal challenge I set myself! It was tough and I wanted to cry near the end but I completed it, a full olympic distance triathlon! Plus I raised £570 for Parkinsons UK.

workoutwithdi workoutwithdi

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 Nautica Malibu Tri 2016

stephswim84 stephswim84

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Sprint distance


wickers_07 wickers_07

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First ever Surf Triathlon, 1000m sea swim, 38km bike ride & 7.5km run through the dunes. Surfing evening before and after the event. 


Sketchkinley Sketchkinley

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I competed in the the long beach triathlon 2013.

I finished at 1:44.10



frostflower6 frostflower6

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 I was dying because I was not yet ready physically for the challenge. However, it was a good time in the end and I felt very accomplished.

Ruby. Ruby.

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Oh gosh, I still can't believe that I did this...I was so tired by the end.


Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Kanakuk Kamps triathlon clinic... pretty much kicked my ass, but now I'm able to say that I have completed a triathlon!

nige nige

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Just completed my first triathlon. Did the Lough Ree Triathlon in a scenic and hidden part of Ireland, tucked away between Athlone and Roscommon. Completed in 1.29.12.

Pretty happy for a first effort!

ninjill ninjill

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Accomplished Aug 2009

satchbrrr satchbrrr

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Done 3! Liverpool, London and Tatton. Best time: 2hrs 32mins

RevSusi RevSusi

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5k on the bike, 3k on the treadmill, and 2k on the rowing machine. I'm working on it! Did my 3k on the treadmill one day, then came back the next day and for some reason immediately (and badly) blistered me feet. A sports injury! That's a first. Unfortunately, it's put me behind on my schedule. I had planned to complete all three tasks by the end of September, never mind the time, but I won't be able to do that now. Just a temporary set back. Missed the deadline, but if I had been there, my time would have made me first in my age category! So try again next year.

jbmoore11 jbmoore11

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When I was 17 I completed the Greenswell, Olympic Distance triathon in Columbus, OH, in 2:29:10.

jbmoore11 jbmoore11

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When I was 17 I completed the Greenswell, Olympic Distance triathon in Columbus, OH, in 2:29:10.

D3000 D3000

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Completed in 1:19:03 and beat my target.

Will hope to do a few more in 2014

realwhale11 realwhale11

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I did a kids triathlon when I was 12 or 13 and I got a good time for my age bracket. 

bucketmoore bucketmoore

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Talked about doing a Triathlon for a long time and just got on an entered one.  I entered a sprint local to me and loved it.  I did another one two weeks later and its the end of the season, I will do more next year.

themathkid themathkid

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Completed the Tri-Mayberry in April 2013! I really enjoyed the training and the race itself. I will definitely be going for another race this year, though probably an olympic-distance one this time! 

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