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S4ramiu S4ramiu

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<3 Best feeling ever <3 

Lynseyelliott Lynseyelliott

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22nd July 2007 I first became a mother to my beautiful son, Daniel. Unfortunately to was too precious for this world and he was born sleeping. I was then lucky enough to have my little superhero, Kenzie on 16th June 2008. Our dude, Tobi was born on 26th November 2011. He was our miracle baby after several miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. On 17th December 2011 our princess Lily-Grace was born completing our family.


bevtt bevtt

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Have my two handsome boys with me. Now fully grown men and so proud of them


laurenash13 laurenash13

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 Best thing that. Has ever happened to me

feidel18 feidel18

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Mi mayor bendicion y logro mis dos hijos


victoria1982j victoria1982j

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 I became a mother on 24th July 2008 and I must admit it wasn't the best day of my life but now I wouldn't change her for the world. She is 8 next and I love her with all my heart.

bikerbabe87 bikerbabe87

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 i love being a mom to my three children they never ease to amaze me and how proud of them i am

MaineMommy MaineMommy

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 I remember being in elementary school, and having to write down what we wanted to be when we grew up.  I have always wished for 'grand' things, like being a doctor, famous actor or archaeologist.  Through all of those wishes, I have never wanted anything more, than to be a mother.  I've always been told "you are so good with kids!" and "you should run a daycare." since I was eleven years old; being a caregiver and person of support has always come naturally to me.  Almost three years ago, my dream came true, and I welcomed my first son into the world.  He was and is perfect (literally, he scored a 10 out of 10 on the apgar scale!) and I have never loved anyone, or anything more than my son.  Just seeing him exist, brings me so much pride and joy.  I wish I could take credit for his light, like most parents would, but I honestly can't.  He has an excitement for life and a caring nature, that is just naturally who he is.  He finds humor and love in almost everything he does, and seeing him grow is the greatest gift in life. 

I am currently pregnant with my second son, due May 2016, and I am so excited to meet him.  I know my oldest son will be a loving and supportive big brother - although I am sure they will butt heads at some points. 

Being able to help shape my sons, and seeing who they are, is a blessing I will never be able to fully put into words.  

Being a mother is what my life was meant for, and I wouldn't change that for anything in the universe. 

amandamariebrault amandamariebrault

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 The best moment of my life! The day he was born was the day I met the little boy who would save my life and forever change my world. Love you Anthony!

curiousandcurious curiousandcurious

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 The single most amazing point in my life when i held my little boy in my arms.

andreaarteaga andreaarteaga

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I would like to become a mother. Because, is the dream of  a women. I wish get pregnant before 30 year. 

i would love to my parest could shared this moment with me. 


nastassiagary nastassiagary

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I love been a mother..The best Gift God has ever blessed me with....

lizzymcwire lizzymcwire

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kimboally kimboally

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 Be it naturally, with intervention, or adoption; I want to be a mum x

Baby Roberts due in July 2017...very lucky ❤


MamaRaven MamaRaven

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My life changed in the best possible way the day my little boy was born ❤

joycelyn.gipson joycelyn.gipson

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This was the happiest day of my life and continues to bring me joy. I have thrived as a mother and I look forwarded to the many years of joy to come.

I became a mother to a boy in June of 2015. 

Claudiag143 Claudiag143

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Alexandrea 2/25/2006

Madelynn 6/25/2009

Aubrielle 11/24/2014 

traceycrum traceycrum

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The hardest and equally greatest days of my life. Love all 4 of my babies.


samlouise18 samlouise18

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 Baby Boy Kieren

Melissa B Melissa B

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 I became a mother on June 30th, 2001 to a beautiful 6lb, 12 oz baby girl. 

I became a mother a second time on November 21st, 2012 to a handsome 8lb, 4oz baby boy.



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