Be kissed on top of a ferris wheel

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 Santa  Monica Pier !!!

NicolMadalina NicolMadalina

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it's been in Darmstadt, Germany at the street fest ''Hainerfest''


ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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Even though it was an enclosed Ferris wheel that still counts right? 😂 let's just say if there wasn't windows we would probably have done more than kissing! 


trixieluvr101 trixieluvr101

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Chrisasaurus <3

maneatingcow maneatingcow

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 It's even better when you are in love.

11pbarry 11pbarry

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Scared to death of Ferris Wheels (or Massive Wheels of Death and Terror as I refer to them) but agreed to go for the sake of my loving boyfriend, Sebastien, who kept me calm by rewarding me with kisses everytime we survived a rotation-just my luck when it stopped we were stranded at the top for a good 15 minutes!

Fiercekoala4 Fiercekoala4

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Last night, Nathan and I went to the Hidalgo Festival of Lights.  They had a musical giant ferris wheel and we rode it when we got there.  We had a great view of the lights and the city.  He kissed me at the top!  It was so fun...especially since it is December and I'm used to being drowned in snowfall!

okaly okaly

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Liverpool Echo Wheel with Cal, Christmas 2014

Amazing experience


ColeneMarie ColeneMarie

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My boyfriend Brian and I conquered our fears and rode the biggest ferris wheel at the Arizona State Fair, kissing at the top. :)

stefstarrynight stefstarrynight

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queenlinake queenlinake

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I had expectations of an exciting trip to Six Flags Great Adventure with no ferris wheel in mind. In fact, I was only focused on the thrill rides such as the rollercoasters El Toro and Nitro.

My boyfriend Kevin and I went on a great day. It was the very first really hot day of summer 2012 so most people were at the beach. This caused six flags to virtually have no lines for rides. Basically, I spent more time riding rides than actually waiting on line, which is unheard of for six flags during the summer.

Since we already went on all the rides we wanted and there was still so much of the day left, we decided to go on the ferris wheel, called Big Wheel, to relax and enjoy the view.

As the ferris wheel went around he kissed me. In my head I was thinking "I've finally been kissed on a ferris wheel. I guess I can check this off my bucketlist even though it's not on top." After that thought, Kevin and I were stopped at the very top of the ferris wheel for a while.

The view was great and I finally got that kiss on top of a ferris wheel. I was incredibly happy and Kevin knew it too.

Even though I love rollercoasters, I will always remember the ferris wheel when I think of today.

jennifer626 jennifer626

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I had just finished my sophomore year in college, and a group of us went to Kennywood, the wonderful historic amusement park in Pittsburgh.  I was dating a boy named Skip Bennett and was absolutely smitten.  He kissed me not only at the top of the Ferris wheel, but the log flume.  I floated all the way home.

sunshinelotus sunshinelotus

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during tom petty's last dance with mary jane on gulf shore's beach Hangout Fest!

123missymegan 123missymegan

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Mid-State Fair

AngelMeehan AngelMeehan

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By Bill at the Ostrich Festival

MariDozaaaaa MariDozaaaaa

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This was my first time going to the county fair with my boyfriend. We decided to get on the Ferris wheel since I had never been on one either....And you know the rest.


kev823 kev823

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jlaws231 jlaws231

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being kissed on top of a faris wheel is probly one of the most magical moments in my life :) 

CherishMae CherishMae

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I was 18 years old the Ferris wheel broke down at frontire city trapping my boyfriend and me at the top with another couple of friends. We kissed it was fun and a bit of a fright we were stuck for a while I'm not fond of heights or Ferris wheels one reason I always go on them. A chance to face fears 


Hannahjoyr Hannahjoyr

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 I went on my first Ferris wheel ride on my honeymoon this summer. It was just as magical as I had dreamed. 

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