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 visited Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Sweden, Prague & Budapest

WaywardChild WaywardChild

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I finally did it. Here's my itinerary: Belgrade - Amsterdam - Brussels - Bruges - Paris - Toulouse - Madrid - Barcelona - Marseille - Genoa - Rome - Florence - Bologna - Padua - Venice - Ljubljana - Belgrade. This trip's been years in the making, with the itinerary changing throughout the years as I would visit certain places & different destinations would take priority over others. I've made so many excuses over the years - not enough money, too many duties, obligations & responsibilities, no one to go with... The only place those excuses got me was my own room, staring up at my pinned-up map of the world, an unrealised dream bearing down heavy on me. & then I snapped & did it anyway, despite all the excuses & I'm so glad I did. I went at it solo & there are invaluable lessons to be learned when being a solo traveller. So, in conclusion - do it. Just do it. All the photos & sentences in the world cannot bring to life what this journey meant to me & what it might mean to others considering it.

eikelorents eikelorents

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This trip was a short one but it was still backpacking, Taavi and I went to Utrecht, Amsterdam, Berlin and Warsaw. 

Tven Tven

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This is going to be my first real adventure I hope. I have a plan and desire. This is my dream I will do everything to archive it. 

Balum Balum

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I know, I know, cliche.. Still pretty awesome though :D 


nickscho nickscho

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Europe 13!


jana.ward.549 jana.ward.549

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Backpacked through Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Scotland, and England summer of 2013 alone. Mainly couchsurfed and stayed in a few hostels alogn the way.

juderichjr juderichjr

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This is the 30th anniversary of my historic backpacking adventure in Europe.  One of these days I will write a blog about the adventure, but it will be little good for anyone today.  the times and the days are past, but the ideas and the framework may help others plan a similar trip.  The idea was conceived with my best friend at the time, Teddy.He and I wanted to do something after I graduated and before we jumped into the working world.  Caveman, one of my roommates one summer at Rutgers decided he wanted to join us.  So on January 2nd, 1987, suffering severe hangovers, and with a 3 month Eurail pass, we boarded a KLM plane to Switzerland and then a puddle jumper to Innsbruk Austria for a week of skiing...This first week of the trip was the only portion that was planned.  The rest was an idea, a route, and the fullfillment of a dream.

  • We walked almost everywhere went.  We took trains between Cities
  • We stayed mostly in Youth Hostels and a few Inns
  • We eat cheaply and only when we were starving
  • We drank beer, everywhere, because it was cheaper than water (and better than anything we had in the states.
  • We met a lot of other kids from the states.
    • We traveled with many of them
    • Partied with a bunch
    • and made friends with everyone
  • We visited museum, parks and castles
  • We rode public transportation, and visited the Bears in Bern, Switzerland
  • We ate gelato in Rome, Pizza in Pisa and fish in Venice.
  • We visited
    • Switzerland
    • Austria
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • Holland
  • We stayed out of France, except for a brief train ride through the mountains, but we were harrassed by the police who boarded the train...
  • And missed the opportunity to visit Czechoslovakia, which was dissolved 5 years later. 

I don't remember all of the places we visited and the route we took, but I have many artifacts and will try to recreate the trip one of these days. I still own the backpack I used on the trip.


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ana.humbert ana.humbert

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stephanie.frencheater stephanie.frencheater

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done!! was awesome i dont remember most of it but was awesome 

back packign europe <3  loved it 


Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Went on a two week trip with my older brother and a friend through Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Geneva, and Barcelona. Awesome, crazy time...!

tmh34 tmh34

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My friend Martha and I spent 6 weeks traveling around Europe with nothing but backpacks and free spirits! It was supposed to be a post- grad trip for the both of us, but I had some issues (mentally) that caused a slight delay in school. However, I had bought my plane ticket and I simply was not going to miss out on such an adventure! We began in London then headed south to Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Rome before flying to Santorini. From there we took ferries to Mykonos, Paros, and Athens, then flew to Venice. We then traveled via train to Ravenna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Brussels. A few friends met us along the way at different points in our journey. Even though I can technically cross this off my bucket list, 6 weeks was definitely not long enough and I want to do it again and see more!! We met so many amazing people along the way and saw sights that photographs can do no justice for. The feeling I get every time I think back on our trip is indescribable. Leonardo Dicaprio once said, "How can I die without seeing every inch of this world." I'm right there with ya, Leo!

laoiyah laoiyah

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Starting off in Switzerland, my graduate class of 2014 went on a business expedition to visit companies and high-ranking business officials overseas. The first 2 days were spent in Switzerland; afterwards, I went through France with my colleagues for 8 days. Then, as the rest of my colleagues went back home, my friend Nazifa and I backpacked through Italy, Germany and Holland for an additional 12 days.


anavicenzi anavicenzi

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Eastern Europe: almost done!


casefacekilla2 casefacekilla2

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Unbelievably exhausting and indescrible life experience. 

izzyev izzyev

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Budapest-Krakow-Prague-Stadt Wehlen-Berlin-Amsterdam

3 weeks of amazingness!

laura.samvelyan laura.samvelyan

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I was backbacking around Europe for almost an entire summer in 2014.

From Norway to Italy, from Italy to Netherlands, then Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece and then Uganda. It was one hell of a summer.

I had to live in different hotels and hostels, tried different dishes, met amazing and interesting people, and experienced the cultures of those countries. Backbacking, especially by myself, taught me a lot. It has become on of the best decisions that I have made in my life. 

millow millow

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Conoscere, Incontrare, Visitare, Scoprire, Vivere! 

25 giorni con lo zaino come compagno vi viaggio fisso. Esperienza unica, indimenticabile, da rifare. 

Zurigo, Monaco, Fuessen, Vienna,  Budapest, Praga, Berlino, Amsterdam, L'Aia, Bruxelles, Lussemburgo, Metz, Parigi, Nizza, Casa. 



bobby.masri bobby.masri

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Me n Dyl pickles roughin it for a solid week in europe. Started in Switzerland to Germany to the Netherlands to Belgium and then on to meet the fam at the olympics in London.


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