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Smiz Smiz

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 First wedding i remember attending was my own Mothers. I was in Year 6 and the bridesmaid

S4ramiu S4ramiu

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My moms wedding 2001, and my own 2015 <3

dtodf dtodf

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Attended my sister's wedding. I was a flowergirl.


sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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Attend nephew 's wedding 


allthingsgive allthingsgive

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Surprised my Dad at his wedding ♡

Becka_Kinchin Becka_Kinchin

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 Attended my mother's wedding

KiwiiLady KiwiiLady

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I have attended three weddings so far in life. My father's re-marriage in 2004, my mother's re-marriage in 2012 and my childhood friend's wedding in 2014. That one was extra special now that we're both adults.


KissGoodbye KissGoodbye

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 It was interesting. There was something missing on that day so I hope to get another chance at experiencing someone's wedding to get a better idea of such an amazing day. 

ChloeWallace ChloeWallace

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Cara and Blake's wedding, Port Edward x

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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I have attended my uncles and mom/aunts wedding. I have also attended the wedding of my step brother

Jenny_12611 Jenny_12611

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I went to my 2nd cousin's wedding and ended up dancing during the first ance with my older cousin. She pulled me, her little sister (my cousin that's my age), and her little brother (my cousin that is like 4-5 years younger than me) on to the dance floor and we started dancing. It was so fun. Everyone was laughing, smiling, clapping, and telling us good job. The DJ ended up putting on some hip-hop music and my 2nd cousin and his bride started dancing with us. :)

BoiledBagels BoiledBagels

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Going to a wedding is one thing. I've gone to several. Actually getting married? Never going to be on my bucketlist.

Emiichi Emiichi

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 I was a bridesmaid for my Uncle and Auntie on my dad's side when I was little, but don't remember how old I was and can't find out the date

icanfly icanfly

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cousins weding


anindita97 anindita97

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Takamisa Takamisa

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Molko321 Molko321

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Richard and Jess Jan 2014


missripley missripley

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classy girl, nice dress and make up on, pint and a fag(cigarette) haha[email protected]/8583256845/in/photostream/lightbox/




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i have no idea when i completed this but my best friend got married and i was the best man, i wrote the speach on the way over to the wedding and got there found out there was no alchohol and spent a few hundred bucks and got the life of the party going and made everyone a little more relaxed

masmaiz masmaiz

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My aunt got married and I'm so happy for her and I wish her nothing, but plenty of happiness!

Damn, it was a beautiful wedding and I really hope on day I get married as well. lol

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