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Rhino 7 Platinum 5000 Male Enhancement 2 Capsules

Buy Rhino 7 Platinum 5000 Male Enhancement 2 Capsules 


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Recastly Review By Sam Bakker

Introduce Recastly


Subtitled movie using voiceovers work so well to drive profits for 1 reason: They turn your message into a PERSONAL conversation. You receive all the benefits of a professional salesperson closing the deal ... And thanks to the internet, can now close those deals to a massive audience.

Use a smartphone to get mobility. Most smartphones on the market include just two video-making essentials: A movie camera feature to capture videos, and a big hard drive to store them. While smartphones are portable, the sound and visual quality could be inferior to that of a dedicated camera.

Depending on the phone you are using, the camera may have its own program button, or it might be included elsewhere, typically at a sub-menu of this camera program. If you are having difficulty finding your phone's camcorder function, examine its instruction guide or test online. Videos take up a great deal of storage space. You might want to transfer your videos off of your telephone after listing.

Use a webcam for advantage. As with smartphones, most laptops made over the last five years arrive with an integrated webcam (usually just above the monitor). Webcams tend to have much poorer quality than a standard video camera, but if you can not manage to purchase a smartphone or even committed camera, they will get the work done.

If your computer doesn't have a webcam, you can usually purchase and install one for under $20. You'll likely spend more to get a higher-quality camera. Use a video camera to get optimal performance. It's possible to find decent-quality video cameras for under $50 on Amazon, or you can spend approximately $120 on a high-quality movie camera. Video cameras typically have greater display quality compared to a smartphone or webcam.

Recastly Review - Overview

Portfolio: Sam Bakker Product: Recastly Launch Date: 2018-Jan-17 Launch Time: 11:00 EST Front-End Price: $37 Commission: 50 percent JV Page: https://detailed-review.com/recastly-review/ Affiliate Network: JVZoo Niche: General

What Is Recastly?


Instantly generate video subtitles in ANY language to skyrocket your traffic & conversions across global markets.

Get automated, highest quality, NATURAL voiceovers to your videos in almost any language, instantly - with the click of a button.

EXPLODE your hit on social networking and mobile with all videos that stand out and so are accessible by ANYBODY at ANYTIME.

Turn ANY Video Into A Traffic AND Sales Machine All You Will Need Is Inside

Boost Social Media & Mobile Traffic

STOP scrollers in their tracks with subtitles that grab attention, and videos optimized for both social & Cellular users ... cash in about the Enormous user base that views video without sound

Get Explosive Conversions and Profits

Your subtitled videos get indexed faster and rank high ... plus you can optimise them for specific keywords, making you more consumer-based 100 percent free visitors on demand

Create A International Audience

Instantly reach purchasing markets in overseas countries with captions and automated voiceovers in almost any language ... gain in untapped markets that drive BILLIONS in sales

Free Traffic, Thanks To Google

Combine text and professional audio to participate more viewers so that they ABSORB your message and take action ... stop losing viewers before they reach your money-making messag About Author

Sam Bakker is no stranger to internet marketing. He is a marketer, a well appointed developer who has been hailed as a indisputable inspiration. Sam and his associates have developed a new series of success products. Most of these products became best-sellers after their releases and earned enormous profits. Some of these notable names are Revamply, Funnel Secrets, Jvzoo Academy Review, Product Creation Mastery, Launch Method, Recurring Money Sites, Million Dollar Affiliate, Outsourcing Mastery and so Forth

This Recastly product is expected to be another hit from Sam Bakker. The next section of this Recastly Review will list out the special features. Features & Benefits

World's first and EASIEST Software For Enhancing Your Traffic and Profits From ANY Video

Get More Traffic, WITHOUT Growing More Videos Insert subtitles to your videos and they will STAND OUT and grab attention on social media. Transcribe any movie into ANY language and reach audiences in overseas countries ...literally 10X your traffic to each video.

Produce UNLIMITED variations of ANY video in a few minutes ... post across multiple YTube channels and social networking accounts to attract targeted audiences in any niche, country or language.

Rank Greater For 100% Free Google Traffic Search engines love videos with subtitles ... because their bots can crawl your articles and the result is greater ranking & traffic that is more.

Recastly allows you to CUSTOMIZE your subtitles to include relevant keywords and phrases that you wish to rank for ... significance much more TARGETED traffic, free of charge.

Industry Leading Transcription Accuracy The whole point of inserting subtitles is always to send a CLEAR message ... however existing tools frequently turn your movie to garbled nonsense no one can understand.

Recastly's technology delivers you subtitles at over 90% precision so your message is obviously received - and you can edit any subtitle line by line.

Maintain Your Viewers GLUED Into The Screen Recastly's unique "word-by-word" subtitles don't reveal q of the video's offers until you desire viewers to see them.

In multiple tests this technology has proven to boost engagement and optimize watch time ... so more people act in your own offers, and you earn more money.

Skyrocket Conversions With Fixed Calls To Action On ANY Video Recastly allows you to insert customisable text blocks to the top and bottom of the videos which appear THROUGHOUT playback. Users will not be able to resist your calls-to-action and you'll find a massive increase in clicks and sales.

Blend More Buyers In ANY Language Recastly's voiceovers leverage Amazon Polly - that the world's most advanced automated voice over technology. You get natural sounding human voices in over 50 languages and 20+ accents. You can now take a single video and use it in order to create GLOBAL sales by speaking to clients in their language ... automatically.

Just how effective is this automatic voice over technology? How Does Recastly Work?

Video Profits In 4 Simple Steps With Recastly

Step 1 Login and submit a movie from YTube URL or upload from your computer

Step 2 Get subtitles created for your video from ANY language, regardless of the original language of your video

Step 3 Get automatic voiceovers in your selection of over 50 languages along with 20+accents -each PERFECTLY synced into your video

Step 4 Directly upload your transcribed videos to FB, YTube and Vimeo for a Massive increase in traffic conversions Price & Assessment

FRONT END: Recastly Premium ($27 - 47 One Time) This is really a Lifetime license which includes automatic subtitle generator, 10 templates to hardcode that the subtitles, ability to insert subtitles to videos up to 10 minutes long, ability to create and insert voice above, ability to change video size & ability to insert fixed text & watermark...

OTO 1: Recastly Pro ($27 Per Month or $97 Per Year) Guru comes with all the features that are in Premium plus the ability to upload videos that are longer than 10 mins, 5 additional templates each month, ability to reverse of Recastly branding, ability to export videos from as it's resolution (such as 4k) plus far more. .

OTO two: Recastly Agency ($197 One Period) The bureau feature allows you to make Recastly accounts beneath your Agency. Agency users can also upload their own logo and use their domain name to sell Recastly and keep 100 percent of their profits.

OTO 3: Recastly Video Player ($27 Per Month or $97 Per Year) With Recastly participant you're going to be able to import videos you've made with Recastly and host them and set your videos on your pages easily with the Video Player. Conclusion

Recastly has already received lots of fantastic and amazing reviews from users. I hope what I show you here in this honest Recastly review can assist you decide whether to purchase it or not. Thanks to following. Goodbye!

See More:

https://richard1mason.weebly.com/blog-review/recastly-review-by-sam-bakker http://georgerost.wikidot.com/recastly-review-by-sam-bakker


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Go to Kyoto [Japan]

Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Kyoto is a city located in the central part of the island of Honshu. It's the capital of Kyoto Prefecture and the 8th most populous city of Japan, with an estimated population of 1 474 735 people in 2016. It's also a major part of the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area.

The city has been the Imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years until 1869, when the Emperor moved to Tokyo and make it the new capital. The actual city of Kyoto was formed on April 1, 1889.

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Get The Big Rebate When You Purchase A Home with Real Estate Rebate Agents



Alright, you've chosen to purchase a home. Did you realize that it is workable for you to get an immense refund at shutting on the following home you buy. How, simply approach your operator for 1/2 their bonus.


Presently, you might ask "for what reason would an operator give me 1/2 their bonus"? It's straightforward on the off chance that you simply take after the following couple of steps.


Stage 1 - Understand that 90% of all the land movement is proficient by just 10% of the expert PA Rebate Agent. That leaves 90% of the specialists out there "going hungry". Your activity is to locate an eager operator.


Stage 2 - You've chosen to purchase a home and might want a not publicly known discount. Give your fingers a chance to do the strolling. Simply call any dealer and say that you might want to work with an operator at their organization who will discount 1/2 their bonus. Express that you need a specialist who has no less than 3 years encounter and is ideally a "work area charge" type operator. Alright, new term "work area expense". That is an operator who gets the opportunity to keep all the commission with no split to the merchant.


Stage 3 - You have to demonstrate to the Rebate Agent Bucks County PA that you are an eager and capable purchaser. Go to a moneylender and make a request to get "completely qualified" to purchase a home in your value run. This will make you one stride past the typical pre-capability step. Presently, get the "full capability" letter, so you can introduce it to the specialist you pick. With this letter close by and your capacity to get, you will seem like "GOLD" to the operator.


Stage 4 - Ask the rebate Philadelphia commission rebate to send you postings that address your issues, you consent to pre-drive before survey (express this is your exchange off to get 1/2 the commission). In the wake of seeing a home of intrigue, call the specialist to see.


Stage 5 - When you locate a home that addresses your issues, you will have need to make known on the Purchase and Sales Agreement, how the refund is to be gotten. I have done refunds with the accompanying phrasing when shutting costs were included:


As should be obvious this is a win-win for every one of those included. You, the purchaser, get a decent discount through shutting costs. The merchant nets a similar cash by paying you $5,000 and $5,000 less to commission. Your specialist gets a decent commission and the posting operator gets the property sold netting his bonus.


Indication: Always ensure that your bank permits refunds, blessings, and so on before working with them. Some are restrictive to the point that they don't permit refunds despite the fact that they might be permitted in your state.


Stage 6 - Keep at the top of the priority list that refunds aren't permitted in all states. At present, the conditions of AK, ID, IA, KS, KY, LA, MS, NJ, OK, OR, Tn and WV don't permit discounts or are prohibitive in operator motivations. In the event that you live in one of these states, ask a specialist or call the land law division.


With Steps 1 to 6, you should now have adequate information to get a pleasant discount on the following home you buy.


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Use Phantom VEOS for Producing Top Notch Slow and High-Speed Videos

England, United Kingdom


Innovation and camera industry are running side by side. This is the reason why you can’t expect any professional photographer or videographer to carry an outdated camera during his professional shoot.


Although, this doesn’t means to compel any non-professional to invest his savings in the hunting of high-speed cameras available in the market. They can even use their existing one for capturing vital clips of their need but on the commercial level, use of outdated technology won’t be acceptable, quickly get it exchanged by high speed video production.


When you are in the business where your whole world is all around videos and videos production, then it is nearly impossible to stand in the market with an outdated system.  Gone are the days, when video production is considered to be a secondary job, nowadays it is evolving faster than any other streams. Therefore if, you want to enjoy top position in this fierce world then show up something which is never seen in the market.

What makes PHANTOM VEO CAMERA different from rest?

Have you ever heard about slow-motion video producing services, if yes, then you too have experienced it how intelligently a camera capture the entire process which rarely takes a second in accomplishment? How the productions of this High-definition imaginary become possible? promotional business video Birmingham helps you in attaining all desired features in your work.


Let’s explore potential of the High speed, high-definition camera which is behind this process:-

Phantom VEO 640S is a small camera approximately 2.5KG/6.5lb in weight. Its small, sleek style will surely deceive you but there are numerous appealing features behind its outreach in the market.



This is a high-speed camera which is capable of capturing fast concluding actions in detail. Its heavyweight features are responsible for this like Super35 sensor size captures image up to the speed of 1666 FPS in its 14 Bit RAM.



This rugged VEO Camera can effectively perform its dual responsibilities in media and research tool, all thanks to its on-camera controls, detachable CFast 2.0 media.



Three on-board Memory (RAM) configurations (18/36/72 GB) enable Phantom VEO cameras to click more frames in comparison to other cameras present in the market.



Frame rate exceeds up to 7000FPS at 1 Megapixel is highly ideal for scientific imaging and motion analysis.



Slow motion isn't that easy, for this you need a powerful source of lighting and moreover a professional who has a profound understanding of device that can capture this video. Therefore instead of giving try to other Phantom VEO model only use VEO 640S, as VEO 410S and 710S share the same resolution 1280x800 but have lower frame rate which will drag you away from your accurate demonstrative Slow motion footage.


Nothing can appeal more to eyes until or unless it is distinct from others. Therefore flaunt yourselves perfectly in front of your customers; if you think a quick purchase of Phantom VEO 640S will shake your budget then you can go for the option of rental too. There are numerous platforms which are up for the support of professionals.

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Beautify Your House With Wooden Furniture


On the off chance that you've recently moved home, or are hoping to add to your current furniture there is an abundance of decisions accessible when purchasing wooden furniture. Where would it be a good idea for you to begin? Cost? Material? Natural effect? It is regularly hard to channel down the choices to settle on an educated decision that truly suits your requirements, however here's some key pointers that will ideally help you.



The principal question you have to ask yourself is a genuinely clear one; what sort of configuration would you say you are searching for? Investigate your current wooden furniture and spend some reasoning about what you are after. Begin by soliciting yourself what compose from wood furniture would fit into your current set-up. On the off chance that you require more thoughts, you can simply allude to Furniture Stores Victoria BC. When you limit the look and feel of the furniture to only a modest bunch of outlines, it's presently time to think about the crude materials.



Having picked your style, now the time has come to consider material. With such a large number of various kinds of wood to browse it can be somewhat of a minefield; however when all is said in done they are grouped into two fundamental classifications - hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is more sturdy and by and large harder to work with. The exemption is teak and thus reason teak furniture can be more exorbitant than furniture produced using different kinds of wood and all type wood furniture available in Furniture stores in Victoria.



Softwood is the other principle material that wooden furniture is produced using so you can expect less expensive evaluating, yet the furniture is significantly less sturdy; it tends to spoil or end up plainly harmed even soon after a couple of short years. Be that as it may, in spite of this the upside is that since they are so natural to work with you'll get a more extensive scope of outlines and styles.



Most kinds of wood, when natural can be helpless when presented to dampness. Form may develop, and the wood can decay. To secure the furniture, defensive layers ought to be connected to the surface of the wooden furniture (particularly for open air furniture) such furniture available on Furniture Store Victoria. A few kinds of wood like Teak have characteristic oils that secures the characteristics of the wood. For this situation, all the furniture needs is a light film of insurance for it to keep going for quite a long time.



Lastly, we get the chance to value, the last thought to contemplate over. Subsequent to considering all the above aspects Free Web Content, at this point you should pretty much realize what precisely you are searching for. However - you ought to abstain from making a buy in view of cost alone as you may wind up settling on an awful purchasing choice.


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How Can A Professional Resume Writing Service Do Miracle For You?


Someone has said,” Sky is the limit”… relates the current situation of new graduates who are looking to make their way in the corporate world.  Job searching is most daunting and tedious phase in the life of a person. Unfortunately, this is a mandatory segment for those who are wanted to achieve kingdom of their dreams.  Therefore, those who have tightened their belts and all set to search their first ever job or want to change their existing job needs a strong yet impressive biodata. This is all because being a job applicant you know for which post you are applying or about qualification, expertise, skills you have and whether they are matching to the expected criteria or not but how a potential recruiter will know about all this automatically?


Your quality and self-explanatory resume will perform this job for you. An impressive outlay and well-written content certainly leave your impression on those who read it.  But, many a time you will experience that rest of the applicants are like you and holding the same set of qualification than in that case, your writing skills can save you. Mold your words and professional information in such a manner than your resume attains a charm of appealing focus of recruiters moreover contains an ability of doing your half of its own. Analyze yourselves whether you have these sharp pen skills or not. If not, then don’t worry professionals will happily ready to work for you…?


Why do you need someone else to do your CV writing?

What is the need for an impressive CV? The answer of this question is known to all but why you want a professional to write your CV maybe this question is striking your head again and again. For the matter of the fact, admit it… You may be good in writing but still, some people face problem in understanding your opinion? Why, maybe your grammar, vocabulary or expression of writing the message is not reaching to the depth of the content?


Therefore it would be better if you allow a professional to introduce you in front of recruiters or employers.  This will automatically accentuate your chances of getting a call for an interview.

Do you think hiring a resume writing service has become a fashion?

The hiring of Free Resume Critique Service is more about your needs than the trend. This is all because these service providers have experienced writers and editors who accumulate all your data and provide it a professional crunch. Free Resume Critique Service offered by the edge of these service providers ensures that the end product is impressive, readable and able to convey precise your information.


A professionally written resume can make your way to your dream job far more easily. You may wonder on your own how beautiful these professionals have managed to put their words on paper which makes it is nearly difficult for you to say that the written content is all about you. Avail Free Resume Review Services and Resume editing Services and ensure whether the quality of the outcome is according to your expectation or not. 


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Bake a cake for someone


 It was for the 75th birthday of my granny and it was triple choco

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Hiring A Good Wedding Photographer


Wedding photographers are not normal photographers whom you hire for some clicks. They have their own importance & can make or break the wedding mood.


A Wedding Photographer Los Angeles is the one who clicks groom, bride, parents as well as children at the ceremony. He should be friendly enough and must mingle with everyone really well.


It is his duty to perfectly feel emotions and click in accordance with that. If wedding pics are taken without emotions in mind, they are waste. However, if proper expressions are captured, they can be memorable for life. This would be understood well only by a wedding photographer who has sufficient experience and has understanding about photography.


Professionalism at core!

Expert and skilled photographers very well know the importance of wedding events. They try their best to make the experience hassle free and nice. When a professional photographer is hired, wonderful photos and memories are guaranteed. Wedding happens just once in lifetime and so, it has to be taken very seriously. Photographers ensure that you get the best memories and that your event becomes a valuable one. But again, it is essential to find a good photographer who will take care of all such things.


Type of wedding photography

It’s essential to decide on the right kind of  Wedding Photographer Orange County as well. whether you need a modern theme or whether you need a traditional theme, a good photographer will surely help you with it. You can find many styles when it comes to wedding photography. First ask yourself what you want. Only if you are sure of the style, approach the photographer and ask him what you want.


Select the kind of service you wish to have

Before hiring the wedding photographer in Orange County, select the kind of services needed. Do you need the photographer for few hours or do you wish to hire him from morning to night? Do you need pre-engagement shoot, portrait, bridal or rehearsal pictures? Let the photographer know everything accordingly so that you don’t have issues.


List down photographers

After you find out photographers, it’s time to list down the best ones. Carefully craft your criteria and accordingly select the best one in the list. Make a note of their cost, services and the quality. The entire process becomes very easy when everything is sorted well in advance. After you are done with your homework, you need to go and meet the photographer so that you can clearly convey the expectations.


Also take the budget into consideration. How much amount will he charge for prints and albums. Is the photographer very expensive? Check the budget and according to that hire one. 


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Experience 365 new things over the next year

  1. Fitness - Start pyramid weight training - 25.03.17
  2. New Skill - Bake Maltese Figolli - 15.04.17
  3. Leisure - Bounce on a trampoline as an adult - 17.04.17
  4. Beauty - New Perfume - Daisy Dream - Marc Jacobs - 22.04.17
  5. Fitness - Graduate from @The Bodycoach's 90daysssplan  - 25.04.17
  6. Leisure - New Restaurant - Peking (Chinese) - Bath - 27.04.17
  7. Leisure - New Pub - Garricks Head - Bath - 27.04.17
  8. Travel - Visit Bath 28.04.17
  9. Travel - Visit Cornwall - 28.04.17
  10. Leisure - Stay in a luxury lodge - 28.04.15
  11. Leisure - Bathe in a hot tub and drink prosecco - 28.04.17
  12. Leisure - Attend a Hen Doo - 29.04.17
  13. Leisure - wear a wet suit - 29.04.17
  14. Leisure - wear a life jacket - 29.04.17
  15. Leisure - take part in an inflatable obstacle course on water - 29.04.17
  16. Leisure - Celebrity Bar - Ruby's Bar (Rick Stein) Padstow -  29.04.17
  17. Leisure - New Restaurant - Rojano's - Padstow - 29.04.17
  18. Food/Drink - New cocktail - Rhubarb Bramble - 29.04.17
  19. Entertainment - ended up in the middle of May Day celebrations on the streets of  Padstow - 29.04.17
  20. Food/Drink - Eat a cream tea in Cornwall - 30.04.17
  21. Historical - visit the Roman Baths - Bath - 01.05.17
  22. Historical - drink authentic spa water - Bath - 01.05.17
  23. Fitness - Start the 30daysas programme by Joe Wicks - 03.05.17
  24. Food/Drink - New Smoothie - Chocolate & Avocado - 06.05.17
  25. Celebrity - get a 'like' on Instagram from Joe Wicks 'The Bodycoach' - 09.05.17
  26. Beauty - use fake tan - eeeeek !!!! - 12.05.17 
  27. Leisure - New Pub - The Greyhound Inn - Brackley - 01.06.17
  28. ​Leisure - Stay in an Air BnB residence - 01.06.17
  29. Lifestyle - woken by a donkey at 7.03am - 02.06.17
  30. Lifestyle - eat a full English breakfast al fresco - 02.06.17
  31. Lifestyle - attend a wedding ceremony outdoors - 02.06.17
  32. Lifestyle - blow bubbles at a wedding instead of throwing confetti - 02.06.17
  33. Food/Drink - Malbec red wine- 02.06.17
  34. Food/Drink - eat pizza at a wedding - 02.06.17
  35. Lifestyle - photograph a beautiful bride - 02.06.17
  36. Lifestyle - photograph a bride & groom's first dance - 02.06.17
  37. Entertainment - dance bare foot at a wedding - 02.06.17
  38. Leisure - got over 65 likes on a Facebook picture - 02.06.17
  39. Leisure - photograph a donkey - 03.06.17
  40. Fitness - complete M1 of The Bodycoach's 30 day SAS plan - 03.06.17
  41. Fitness - start resistance circuit weight training - 07.06.17
  42. Food/Drink - Galaxy chocolate cookie - 20.06.17
  43. Food/Drink - Aperol Spritz - 24.06.17
  44. New Restaurant - Olive, Liverpool - 24.06.17
  45. Food/Drink - New Cocktail - Cherrylicious - 24.06.17
  46. Food/Drink - Dairy Milk Oreo Bar - 24.06.17
  47. Randomness - Found a wardrobe in a Gin bar/had my photo peeping from around the door!!! - 24.06.17
  48. Beauty - use moisturising foot socks - 25.06.17
  49. Food/Drink - new pizza - Padana Leggara @ Pizza Express - 29.06.17
  50. Beauty - use a moisturising hair mask - 01.07.17
  51. Nature - spotted a Yellow dragonfly in the garden - 02.07.17
  52. Food/Drink - Turkey Burger - 03.07.17
  53. Food/Drink - New snack - Carb Killa Peanut Nutter bar - 04.07.17
  54. Food/Drink - New snack - Rice cake/greek yoghurt/strawberries - 08.07.17
  55. Food/Drink - New snack - Rice cake/raspberry jam/greek yoghurt - 10.07.17
  56. Fitness - Completed 20 consecutive 'bent over rows' with a 15KG Core bag - 11.07.17
  57. Food/Drink - Pomegranate & Elderflower Cordial - 12.07.17
  58. Fitness - 30 consecutive 5kg dumbell bench presses - 14.07.17
  59. New Sill - DIY - paint interior walls with a paint roller - 15.07.17
  60. New Skill - make a giant cupcake case out of chocolate - 15.07.17
  61. Fitness - 30 consecutive raised press-ups - 16.07.17
  62. Fitness - plank for 1 minute - 16.07.17
  63. New Skill - bake a giant chocolate cupcake - 16.07.17
  64. New Skill - bake a cake to celebrate someone's 40th birthday 16.07.17
  65. New Skill - make caramel buttercream - 16.07.17
  66. New Skill - make chocolate buttercream - 16.07.17
  67. Fitness - complete M2 of The Bodycoach's 30 day SAS plan - 17.07.17
  68. Food/Drink - New Beer - Brahma - 19.07.17
  69. Beauty - Use a peelable face mask - 21.07.17
  70. Food/Drink - New Mojito - Raspberry - 22.07.17
  71. Leisure - Own a Michael Kors handbag - 22.07.17
  72. Food/Drink - Fried Halloumi cheese - 22.07.17
  73. Food/Drink - King Prawn Pad Thai - 22.07.17
  74. Fitness - plank for 1min 10 seconds - 23.07.17
  75. New Skill - make leek & onion egg muffins - 23.07.17
  76. Food/Drink - Chipotle & Honey kiln roasted salmon - 24.07.17
  77. Food/Drink - Raspberry & Rose Pressé - 26.07.17
  78. Food/Drink - curried chicken omelette - 27.07.17
  79. Food/Drink - southern fried chicken wrap - 28.07.17
  80. Food/Drink - New snack - Cookies & Cream protein bar - 29.07.17
  81. Fitness - Plank for 1 min 15 secs - 30.07.17
  82. Food/Drink - New snack - Salt & black pepper party bites - 30.07.17
  83. Fitness - Enter a virtual run - 30.07.17
  84. Food/Drink - Peanut butter smoothie - 30.07.17
  85. Food/Drink - New snack - rice cake with cottage cheese & chili flakes - 01.08.17
  86. Food/Drink - Bodycoach's Punchy Yellow curry - 01.08.17
  87. Food/Drink - New Breakfast - Avocado,turkey bacon,poached egg on toast - 02.08.17
  88. Fitness - Plank for 1min 20 secs - 02.08.17
  89. Fitness - 5 consecutive deadlifts (5 sets) with a 20kg core bag - 04.08.17
  90. Food/Drink/Fitness - New Protein powder - Pecan Pie - 04.08.17
  91. Food/Drink - Prawn spaghetti with mushroom sauce - 04.07.17
  92. Food/Drink - Salted caramel protein pancakes - 05.08.17
  93. Food/Drink - Strawberry & Pomegranate cider - 05.08.17
  94. Fitness - chest press - 5 reps (5 sets) with 2 x 7.5kg dumbells - 06.08.17
  95. Fitness - incline chest press - 5 reps (5 sets) with 2 x 7.5kg dumbells - 06.08.17
  96. Fitness - 15 consecutive dumbell curls with 5kg dumbells - 06.08.17
  97. Food/Drink - Kiwi & Lime cider - 06.08.17
  98. Food/Drink - new snack - chocolate protein wafer - 07.08.17
  99. Beauty - Use pure coconut oil as a foot moisturiser - 08.08.17
  100. Food/Drink - Banana protein coconut porridge - 09.08.17
  101. Fitness - 5 consecutive squats (5 sets) with a 10kg corebag/kettlebell - 09.08.17
  102. ​Fitness - plank for 1min 25 secs - 09.08.17
  103. Food/Drink - New snack - My Protein chocolate brownie - 11.08.17
  104. Food/Drink - Sour cream & Black Pepper popcorn - 12.08.17
  105. Food/Drink - Sea Bass - 12.08.17
  106. Fitness - Trampoline Seat Drop (as an adult!!) - 12.08.17
  107. Fitness - Trampoline Knee Drop (as an adult!!!) - 12.08.17
  108. Food/Drink - Apple Crumble & Custard Coconut porridge - 13.08.17
  109. Food/Drink - Passion fruit & Apple cider - 13.08.17
  110. Food/Drink - Goats Cheese & Sweet Chilli Jam crisps - 13.08.17
  111. Fitness - plank for 1min 30 secs - 14.08.17
  112. Leisure - ride a child's zipwire - 15.08.17
  113. Leisure - New Restaurant - The Allotment - 16.08.17
  114. Food/Drink - ate edible flowers (on my Lemon tart dessert) - 16.08.17
  115. Food/Drink/Fitness - New protein powder - White chocolate - 16.08.17
  116. Travel - Visit Fleetwood/Thornton/Cleveleys area - 18.08.17
  117. Leisure - stay in a static caravan - 18.08.17
  118. Leisure - experience a Haven holiday - 18.08.17
  119. Leisure - sit in a giant deckchair - 18.08.17
  120. Leisure - new pub - The Iron Horse, Thornton/Cleveleys - 18.08.17
  121. Food/Drink - Costa caramel hot chocolate - 19.08.17
  122. Entertainment - win the jackpot's worth of tickets on an amusement arcade game - 19.08.17
  123. Food/Drink - Lemon Meringue cheesecake 19.08.17
  124. Leisure - Visited Farmer Parrs Animal World - Fleetwood - 21.08.17
  125. Animal - see Mangalista piglets - 21.08.17
  126. Leisure - photograph a cow - 21.08.17
  127. Leisure - New Book - The Lonely Hearts Travel Club, Destination India by Katy Colins - 24.08.17
  128. Food/Drink - Blueberrry flavoured Greek yoghurt - 24.08.17
  129. Leisure - New Restaurant - Francesco's - Gozo - 24.08.17
  130. Food/Drink - Cisk Lemon flavoured lager - 24.08.17
  131. Food/Drink - Nutella Pastizzi - 25.08.17
  132. Food/Drink - Coffee flavoured Greek yoghurt - 25.08.17
  133. Leisure - Wander the streets of Victoria, Gozo alone - 25.08.17
  134. Food/Drink - Order room service - 26.08.17
  135. Fitness - use a hotel gym - 26.08.17
  136. Leisure - get up early to see a sunrise - 27.08.17
  137. Nature - photograph a sunrise from Gozo - 27.08.17
  138. Food/Drink - Miranda Orange soda - 27.08.17
  139. Leisure - New restaurant - Ic - Cima, Xlendi - 27.08.17
  140. Food/Drink - Kinder flavoured Ice Cream - 27.08.17
  141. Leisure - photograph a mosaic staircase - 27.08.17
  142. Food/Drink - eat Maltese Imquaret at a village festa - 27.08.17
  143. Leisure - Go horseriding, Gozo - 28.08.17
  144. Leisure - climb the bell tower of Xewkija
  145. Leisure - see church bells manually rung @ Xewkija - 28.08.17
  146. Nature - see the Blue Hole from above at Dwejra - 28.08.17
  147. Nature - see where the Azure Window once stood on Gozo - 28.08.17
  148. Leisure - purchase decorated beach pebbles - 28.08.17
  149. Travel - visit Mgarr-ix-xini, Gozo - 29.08.17
  150. Food/Drink - melon flavoured ice-cream - 29.08.17
  151. Food/Drink - New snack - Chimpeys (Maltese baked crisps) -  29.08.17
  152. Leisure - video a take off from Luqa airport, Malta - 30.08.17
  153. Leisure - complete a holiday photo challenge - 30.08.17
  154. Food/Drink - New Snack - Maltese Blisters (crisps) - 01.09.17
  155. Food/Drink - Mango & Earl Grey Iced tea - 02.09.17
  156. Food/Drink - Ritter Sport Whole almond chocolate - 03.09.17
  157. Food/Drink - New snack - Goji & Cranberry Quinoa bar - 03.09.17
  158. Leisure - New book - The Beach House by James Patterson - 03.09.17
  159. Fitness - 15 consecutive squat jumps (5 sets) with 8KG kettlebell - 04.09.17
  160. Fitness - 5 reverse lunges (5 sets) with 2 x 7.5KG dumbbells  - 04.09.17
  161. Food/Drink/Fitness - New protein powder - Vanilla - 04.09.17
  162. Beauty - use self tan wipes - 04.09.17
  163. Food/Drink - New snack - Caramel Hazelnut Pro Elite protein bar - 06.09.17
  164. Beauty - new set of acrylic nails with glitter acrylic - 07.09.17
  165. Food/Drink - chocolate chia pudding - 09.09.17
  166. Fitness - 15 lateral raises (5 sets) with 4KG dumbbells - 10.09.17
  167. Food/Drink - Milka Peanut Caramel chocolate - 10.09.17
  168. Food/Drink - Salted caramel muffin - 10.09.17
  169. Fitness - plank for 1min 35secs - 12.09.17
  170. Food Drink - new snack - Cacao & cashew quinoa bar - 14.09.17
  171. Fitness - ran 4.67 miles in 50.24 mins - 16.09.17
  172. Fitness/Food/Drink - new snack My Protein Cherry/Almond flapjack - 16.09.17
  173. Food/Drink - Afternoon Tea at Jam - 17.09.17
  174. Fitness - Plank for 1min 40 secs - 18.09.17
  175. Fitness - 15 Dumbbell skull crushers (5 sets) with 2x4KG dumbbells - 18.09.17
  176. Fitness - 5 Arnold Press (5 sets) with 2x7.5KG dumbbells - 19.09.17
  177. Food/Drink - The Bodycoach's Jerk chicken - 20.09.17
  178. Leisure - New book - The Lakehouse by James Patterson - 20.09.17
  179. Fitness - run 1 mile in under 10 mins - 21.09.17
  180. Fitness - run 2 miles in under 20 mins - 21.09.17
  181. Food/Drink - Instant coffee with soya milk - 22.09.17
  182. Fitness - Plank for 1min 45secs - 22.09.17
  183. Lifestyle - receive a 'New' £10 note - 25.09.17
  184. Food/Drink - New snack - Baked beetroot & linseed tortilla crisps - 26.09.17
  185. Food/Drink - Chocolate & banana overnight oats - 27.09.17
  186. Fitness - Plank for 1min 50secs - 27.09.17
  187. Fitness - Start Rest/Pause training - 27.09.17
  188. Fitness - Complete a virtual race and receive a medal - 27.09.17
  189. Leisure - New book - Born to Run - Michael Morpurgo - 28.09.17
  190. Fitness - Plank for 1min 55secs - 29.09.17
  191. Food/Drink - Spiced pumpkin, sweet potato & carrot soup - 30.09.17
  192. Food/Drink - Fursty Ferret Ale - 30.09.17
  193. Food/Drink - Wholewheat Irish Soda bread - 01.10.17
  194. Fitness - plank for 2mins - 02.10.17
  195. Food/Drink - Butternut squash soup - 05.10.17
  196. Food/Drink - Homemade Tortilla wrap pizza - 05.10.17
  197. Fitness - plank for 2mins 5 secs - -6.10.17
  198. Food/Drink - Homemade Chicken, Sweet Potato & Kidney Bean stew - 06.10.17
  199. Fitness - 6 sets of 10 reps - Bent over rows with 2 x 7.5KG dumbbells - 08.10.17
  200. Fitness - plank for 2mins 10secs - 09.10.17
  201. Food/Drink - New snack - Quinoa chips - 12.10.17
  202. Skill - Make Cookie Monster cupcakes - 13.10.17
  203. Skill - Make blue buttercream - 13.10.17
  204. Leisure - New film - Despicable Me 3 - 14.10.17
  205. Food/Drink - New snack - White Chocolate Protein cookie - 17.10.17
  206. Fitness - Plank for 2mins 15secs - 18.10.17
  207. Food/Drink - Butternut squash noodles - 19.10.17
  208. Leisure - New Coffee shop - Chocolate Whirled - 21.10.17
  209. Food/Drink - Mango & Raspberry cider - 22.10.17
  210. Food/Drink - King Prawn Pasanda - 26.10.17
  211. Food/Drink - Dairy Milk Medley with dark chocolate chips & fudge pieces - 28.10.7
  212. Food/Drink - Polish Rye bread - 29.10.17
  213. Food/Drink/Fitness - New Protein powder - Marzipan - 29.10.17
  214. Fitness - Plank for 2mins 20secs - 29.10.17
  215. Food/Drink - New snack - Oven baked Marmite Cashew nuts - 02.11.17
  216. Food/Drink - Marzipan and chocolate protein pancakes - 04.11.17
  217. Food/Drink - New Beer - The Bees Knees - 05.11.17
  218. Fitness - Plank for 2mins 25ecs - 05.11.17
  219. Food/Drink - New snack - Nakd Salted caramel fruit & nut nibbles - 05.11.17
  220. Food/Drink - Lemon Meringue Krispy Kreme donut - 10.11.17
  221. Food/Drink - New wine - Smoking Mountain Shiraz - 10.11.17
  222. Travel - Trearddur Bay, Anglesey - 11.11.17
  223. Leisure - New Restaurant - The Sea Shanty Cafe - 11.11.17
  224. Leisure - New Bar - The Black Seal - 11.11.17
  225. Food/Drink - Edgerton Pink Gin - 11.11.17
  226. Leisure - see 'The Safe House' from the ITV Drama 'Safe House' (ie visit a TV set location) - 11.11.17
  227. Leisure - Celebrate Christmas in November - 11.11.17
  228. Leisure - Prep/Cook A Christmas Dinner for 10 people - 11.11.17
  229. Food Drink - Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Krispy Kreme Donut - 11.11.17
  230. Food/Drink - Aldi Irish Cream Liqueur - 11.11.17
  231. Leisure - New Card game - What's your Meme - 11.11.17
  232. Craft - Paint Disney Princess themed peg dolls - 12.11.17
  233. Food/Drink - New Cocktail - Bay Bramble - 18.11.17
  234. Food/Drink - New Cocktail - Koko Kolada - 18.11.17
  235. Food/Drink - Slingsby Rhubarb Gin - 18.11.17
  236. Fitness - Run 5km in under 30 mins - 19.11.17
  237. Lifestyle - New Perfume - Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo - 20.11.17
  238. Food/Drink - Amaretto cake - 22.11.17
  239. Food/Drink - Opihr gin - 22.11.17
  240. Food/Drink - German Dark Chocolate Lebkuchen - 24.11.17
  241. Food/Drink - Homemade Courgette, Broccoli & Yellow Pepper soup - 24.11.17
  242. Travel - arrive at York station via train - 25.11.17
  243. Food/Drink - Christmas themed macaroons - 25.11.17
  244. Leisure - New Bar - Sutlers, York - 25.11.17
  245. Food/Drink - Rhubarb Gin with Ginger beer - 25.11.17
  246. Food/Drink - New Restaurant - D'Vine - York - 25.11.17
  247. Fitness - Plank for 2mins 30 secs - 26.11.17
  248. Food/Drink - Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie - 28.11.17
  249. Food/Drink - Lactose Free Milk - 29.11.17
  250. Fitness/Food/Drink - New Protein Powder - Banoffe - 01.12.17
  251. Leisure - Have an Elf on the Shelf in the house until Christmas Eve - 01.12.17
  252. Fitness - plank for 2mins 35secs - 01.12.17
  253. Leisure - Ride a Child's Teacup Fairground ride as an adult - 01.12.17
  254. Fitness - plank for 2mins 40secs - 08.12.17
  255. Food/Drink - Quinoa & Blueberry biscuit - 09.12.17
  256. Leisure - Wear a Santa suit - 10.12.17
  257. Leisure//Fitness - Take part in a Santa Dash - 10.12.17
  258. Leisure/Fitness - Participate in a charity run with my sister & niece - 10.12.17
  259. Food/Drink - Salted Caramel Cappuccino - 12.12.17
  260. Leisure - New film - Bad Moms - 14.12.17
  261. Food/Drink - Dairy Free chocolate coated candied peel - 15.12.17
  262. Food/Drink - Nando's Fino Pitta - 15.12.17
  263. Food/Drink - Starbucks Fudge Hot chocolate - 16.12.17
  264. Leisure - Give a fake name at Starbucks - 16.12.17
  265. Food/Drink - Galaxy chocolate spread - 18.12.17
  266. Lifestyle - Have my hair pinned in pin curls - 19.12.17
  267. Lifestyle - go shopping whilst my hair is in pin curls - eeek - 19.12.17
  268. Lifestyle - Drop my niece off at school in the morning - 20.12.17
  269. Food/Drink - Lindt Strawberries & Cream chocolate - 22.12.17
  270. Food/Drink - Millionaire shortbread chocolate brownie - 22.12.17
  271. Skill - Make Troll cupcakes - 22.12.17
  272. Food/Drink - Costa Honeycombe latte - 23.12.17
  273. Fitness - Completed the 12 workouts before Christmas Eve Challenge at my gym - 23.12.7
  274. Leisure - New Film - Elf - 24.1.17
  275. Leisure - New Game - Penguin Pile Up - 25.12.17
  276. Leisure - New Game - Igloo Mania - 25.12.17
  277. Leisure/Travel - Own a Travel Scratch Map - 25.12.17
  278. Fitness - Earned a free gift from the gym by completing the 12 workouts before Christmas Eve challenge - Free toasted tea cake & a hot drink - 27.12.17
  279. Food/Drink - Kalettes - 27.12.17
  280. Food/Drink - Spiced cookie latte - 29.12.17
  281. Food/Drink - Freixenet Prosecco - 30.12.17
  282. Food/Drink - Damson Gin - 31.12.17
  283. Leisure/Travel - New Year's Eve in a different county (Buckinghamshire) - 31.12.17
  284. Leisure - New Film - The Highway Rat - 01.01.18
  285. Leisure - New Film - Uncle Buck - 01.01.18
  286. Leisure - New Year's Day walk up Coombe Hill - 01.01.18
  287. Travel - Arrive at Chester train station - 02.01.18
  288. Food/Drink - Nakd Bakewell Tart bar - 03.011.18
  289. Lifestyle - Start a Memory Jar - 04.01.18
  290. Food/Drink - Reece's Peanut Butter Tree - 06.01.18
  291. Food/Drink - Rocking Rudolph Christmas Ale - 07.01.18
  292. Lifestyle - Assist a visually impaired person to a bus stop in the town centre - 08.01.18
  293. Food/Drink - Chocolate and Mint Smoothie bowl - 08.01.18
  294. Food/Drink - Prosecco flavoured boiled sweets - 10.01,18
  295. Leisure - New Book - Her Father - 13.01.18
  296. Leisure - Afternoon Tea at Patisserie Valerie - 14.01.18
  297. Fitness - Start Compound weight training - 16.01.18