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Go To An Air Balloon Festival

Karpendonkse Plas, Sumatralaan, Eindhoven, Nederland

Eindhoven Ballooning was a four-day Air Balloon Festival, organized in July from 2005 to 2011 at the Karpendonkse Plas in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The festival site was accessible free of charge and attracted approximately 50,000 visitors each year and became a tradition in the light-town.

Due to bad weather, three out of four days had to be canceled in 2011. Because of the costs of that for the organization and sponsors there was no festival in 2012. In 2013 it was held again, and in 2014 it was canceled again.

I've been here twice with my son in 2007. It was amazing to see all those balloons airing. It was also amazing to see them at night when it was dark and the balloons lit up in various colors. 

Seeing them on the ground made me realize how huge they really are.  I often see them passing from my apartment's window and make pictures of them and zoom in to see the people in the "tiny little baskets". I hope one day to be in one of those baskets myself and make pictures from inside the air balloon :)

For a ballooning in Eindhoven you can go to the following organizations. In addition, it is very important to compare prices and to ask for special offers and packages.

Dreamflights (organizer Eindhoven Ballooning) Website: www.dreamflights.nl Phone: 0513-677999

Flash Ballonvaarten Website: www.mijneersteballonvaart.nl Phone: 040-2525661

Virgin Balloon Flights Website: www.virgin-ballonvaart.nl Phone: 0800-0228335

Marenko Website: www.marenko.nl/ballonvaren Phone: 013-4562680

VIPballon Website: www.vipballon.nl Phone: 073-5477852

Bommelballon Website: www.bommelballon.nl Phone: 0493-440404

GreetZZ Ballonvaarten Website: www.greetzz-ballonvaart.nl Phone: 013-5313540

A3 Ballon Website: www.ballonvaren.com Phone: 0800-0229666 (gratis)

BAS Ballonvaarten Website: www.basballonvaart.nl Phone: 0573-401826

4CB Ballonvaarten Website: www.4cb-ballonvaarten.nl Phone: 026-3702870

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Sell my own art

I successfully sold my thesis prints to my schools CEO o/ I'm so happy that someone wanted to buy my art and actually hang it on the wall.

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Shoot a gun

Doncaster, United Kingdom

Clay pigeon shooting was awesome. Tried some "big game" cartridges and man do they have some recoil. My shoulder was bruised for days.

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Swim with a manatee

Everglades, FL, United States

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Paris, france - visit

Paris, Frankrijk

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Learn to Skateboard

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Go to Galaxyland in Edmonton

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Loved the experience.

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Paris, france - visit

Paris, Frankrijk

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Meet Ariana Grande

Definitely hope to meet her one day, give her a huge hug and tell her I love her with all my heart.

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Go the Ellen show

Tennessee Theatre, South Gay Street, Knoxville, TN, United States
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