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Finish a 365 Photography Project

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Proud to say I've completed a New Year's resolution - took a photo every single day in 2011. Notes and slideshow here:


Original post:

At a New Year's party yesterday, the topic of #photo365 projects came up, and several of us committed to giving it a go this year. Since I've been into Instragram recently, I'll be posting most of my stuff there initially, then copying one image per day to a  Flickr set.

Wish me luck!


Added on January 2, 2011

Completed on January 1, 2012

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Lulii on Jan 20, 2012

Great albums. this idea inspired me.

Scot Hacker on Jan 20, 2012

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. I'm doing it again this year!

Lyric Ogden on Sep 03, 2012

what program did u use?

Scot Hacker on Sep 03, 2012

Lyric - I just uploaded to a dedicated Flickr set every day - no need for a program, and no one can match the photo management capabilities that Flickr offers.

hailee prince on Nov 15, 2012

i went on your blog and i LOVE your pics.. (i want to be a photographer) did you edit them??

Scot Hacker on Nov 15, 2012

Thanks hallee! There are two senses of the word "edit" in photography: 1) Winnowing down a collection to its bare essence - all gold, no garbage; 2) Manipulating the photos themselves. Which one do you mean?

Daniela on Jun 13, 2013

Hello! this is inspiring! Did you manage to do it for 2012?

Scot Hacker on Jun 13, 2013

Thanks Daniela. No, I only did it for 2011. I may try again next year.

stanley pettibone on Jun 13, 2013


Wanderlusty on Jul 05, 2013

What a fab idea!! Love it! And you've already completed it! I love photo apps, and take pics all the time. I might just take on your idea! Thanks for sharing!

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Finish a 365 Photography Project

Dawn  April 5, 2013

The task is simple: take one photo every day for 365 days in a row. I would appreciate any tips from those of you who have completed this!   The goal: take photos that are creative, inspirational, and a bit unexpected. Here's a great example:

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Finish a 365 Photography Project

Radys Almira  June 14, 2013

Starting January 1 2014

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Finish a 365 Photography Project

DarthGibbles89  March 27, 2013

I love photography. I was really big into it in high school, but I no longer own a camera. Once I get a camera, I really want to do this. Right now, I only have my cell phone, so it's a bit difficult to do anything special with that.   

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Finish a 365 Photography Project

Crystal Thung  June 7, 2013

I have always wanted to try this, so, next year I will definitly take a photo each day.

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Finish a 365 Photography Project

Erika Arredondo  June 7, 2013

Will start this ASAP!! I think this iis a cool thing to do!

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