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Added on March 7, 2013

Have a wild deer eat out of your hand

Completed on March 6, 2013

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Today I was out walking my dog and when we got home there were 3 deer chilling in the front yard. I started walking up to them and they kept coming closer to me as well so I thought, hey I am going to see if it will eat something out of my hand. I went inside and found a big fat strawberry, sure enough it came up to me with no hesitation and took the strawberry right out of my hand! haha Im sure if thats good or not how use to people they are now. Either way I was inches away from a deer and that was awesome! 





ZombieGirl on Mar 07, 2013

haha that deer snatched that strawberry out of my hand so fast! =D

Jemma Bradaigh on Mar 07, 2013

Love that strawberry picture! So cute!

amber on Mar 11, 2013

So cool. Ive seen videos before with people playing with wild deer. Well after they became use to the person. Thanks for sharing your pics.

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