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Apple on Travel to stockholm with the one I love
You should stay at Lilla Rådmannen

simin abedi on Go to Iran
we'll be waiting for you^_^

Nikki Coleman on Meet Taylor Swift
My friend got to meet her!

Ola Olszewska on Give a tedx talk
ojejku, dziękuję :) ! Bardzo się cieszę !

abriah on Get a little tattoo on my finger
I just got one on my finger. I must say, it was intense. The pain afterwards is also one of the worst parts. Definitely recommend taking ibuprofen/pain killers!

Sara Ruthnum on Climb Mount Everest
Would love to do it tho!

Sara Ruthnum on Climb Mount Everest
Pawar, I totally agree!

evelyn furst on Go to disney world
disney is amazing

ZombieGirl on Join the Ambulance Service

Wendy Vaz on Hike Garibaldi Lake
Yes Hatch, it was definitely worth it! I had friends who swam in the clear lake and apparently it was a great experience for them too! :)

ZombieGirl on Spend 2 days at a Water Park
It was! =) They have several locations in the US,but this one is in Washington.

Lucky Sandhu on Eat brains
hmmmm.... you mean get married or any specific animal's brain?

Sara Ruthnum on Get a tattoo
^ hahah woops wrong account but they speak the truth

Official Bucket List on Get a tattoo
You're roomate's face is probably a great option

Juliana Maldaner on See the seven wonders of the world

Wiktoria Welpa on Give a tedx talk
obejrzane, uwielbiam!

Bart Lindski on Go to a Drive in Movie Theatre
Nice! thats good to know!

Graham Snowden on Grouse grind under 55 mins
Dude really? I can make this happen.

Graham Snowden on Go to a Drive in Movie Theatre
Twlight Drive In in Aldergrove opens back up in February!

Graham Snowden on Visit Crater Lake
Best recommendation for this one would be to bike around the Rim Road or go early in the morning before traffic gets busy - it's a +30km loop. You can also buy tickets for the ...

Graham Snowden on Roadtrip from Vancouver, BC to Punta Arenas, Chile
Jason - plan would be to ship the vehicle from Panama to Peru (or Colombia).

Sara Ruthnum on Stand on Kjeragbolten Rock in Norway
So cool! Was it scary?

Auburn Sigurdson on Buy an aluminum boat
Super fun! Our name isn't all that fun... "SSC Yop" - which is a bit of an inside joke :) but I like to call her buttercup.

Bart Lindski on Buy an aluminum boat
Thats pretty cool! Jason and I love getting out and usually make it up to indian arm at least once or twice each summer. Your ship should have cool sounding name.

Nyasha M on Save a life
Ola Who's life did you save?

Brittany Johnson on Participate in a Color Run!
They are ALOT of fun! Definitely a must do!

Pawar Sheetal on Climb Mount Everest
I always dreamt of this but seems difficult and I feel lot of practice is needed for dreaming this. Am I right?

RawToast47 on Learn Mandarin
Sir, please, this is a website dedicated to accomplishing your goals. Please keep your tone appropriate.

Stephanie Allen on Fly in a helicopter
That's awesome! And thanks I'm looking forward to an opportunity to fly in a helicopter sometime in the future :)

Borna Koreny on Learn Mandarin
Yes, the zodiac song too. It is important. In other news, I am a big fan of your face.

Borna Koreny on Read 22 books this year
Why, thank you! I love your face, too!

DrG2017 on Fly in a helicopter
I did this last year for my and my godson's birthday celebrations. It was amazing; we took a tour over St. Augustine FL. I had a blast, looking down at the 'tiny' houses and trees. ...

marcia wutke on Swim with dolphins
Why FRENCH kiss a dophin? A normal kiss would do.

RawToast47 on Read 22 books this year

Borna Koreny on Read 22 books this year
Thank you! Carambola.

RawToast47 on Read 22 books this year
Feel free. :D Kumquat.

Borna Koreny on Read 22 books this year
Oooh, I'm stealing this one. Banana.

Auburn Sigurdson on Buy an aluminum boat
Hey Bart! It's got a little engine - perfect for fishing and crabbing :) We have caught a feast for the team here at TTC. Cates Park is crabbing magic. I'll add some photos soon!

Wangari Munene on Visit a volcano
1. Pick one, and get it done There's no point overwhelming yourself. Take it easy and focus on the one goal that makes your heart beat the most. 2. Step by step Failing to plan, ...

Kevan Bums on Visit Mauritius
Hellooo :) I am from Mauritius :)

ZombieGirl on Raise $18,000 for GivingTuesday 2014

jasonlindstrom on Spend 2 days at a Water Park
That looks awesome...

John Abker on Ride an Elephant
That sounds like so much fun! I'm adding this to my list!

John Abker on Live in Another Country
What Country did you live in?

John Abker on Passionately kiss in the rain
I still gotta do this one! Sounds so romantic, like something out of the movies!

Callie Fever on Be a successful Singer/Songwriter
Good luck....

Hatch Clymer on Hike Garibaldi Lake
I always wanted to hike Lake Garibaldi, camp, then continue on to make it up to the black tusk! Good to hear the view of the lake is totally worth it! Thanks for the post!

Sara Ruthnum on Polar Bear Swim
So much fun!

ZombieGirl on Hike through fog/mist
Thank you,it was pretty eerie at times.

Donna Hudgins on I want to buy a house,nothing grand,just comfortable and with some character
First on my bucket list is to finally have the house I want with all Momma's contents in it and to have it so I can be proud of it....

Annaliese Bronz on Hike Kiliminjaro
Lovely indeed.

poymeetsworld on Hike Kiliminjaro
Congratulations to you both! How lucky to have a private guided hike ;) My sister went years ago and after hearing her experience, I've been wanting to go for myself! Being such a large trip, ...

poymeetsworld on Paddle through a Medieval Town
Looks awesome!

Felicia Jones on Finish My Associate's Degree
Started my last semester this week. *crosses fingers*

Callie Fever on "Unplug" for 48 hours

Callie Fever on Say "no" and don't feel bad about it
oh wow... I love this post... You always feel bad but you feel worse sometimes... holding it in ... so if you don't feel comfortable.. saying it is needed and wow... what a load off ...

jasonlindstrom on Hike through fog/mist
Great photos - looks kinda creepy

Tom Warren on 03.1 - Take massage classes and get my license
150116 - stopped by Central Florida Therapy and Spa Institute on OBT and got the following info: 500 hour class starting in February sometime. Flexible hours depending on instructor's availability from Monday to Thursday, with ...

Tom Warren on 01.2 - Start taking yoga classes REGULARLY
150116 - signed up for an introductory class at New World Wellness for Tuesday night!

Rohit Kishore on Learn basic french

Lynn Geulleaume on Swimming with dolphins
This was my x-mas gift from my mom :-)

Lynn Geulleaume on Road Trip with Friends
going to Thailand, Cambodja & Vietnam in Nov 2015

Callie Fever on Lose 3 stone in weight
Cool I did it. I lost 30 lbs + in 2.5 months approx.

Khuram Zaman on Travel with a non profit organization
Sounds like a plan.

Khuram Zaman on Begin a charity to donate used toys to poor kids on Eid
Whose doing it in the DC area?

Khuram Zaman on Learn how to ski
Oh, I thought just rode around on reindeer.

Freddy Nix on Gewinne ein Skirennen
voll fett hammerbrett Very fat, hammerbread

Sumaya Elabi on Learn how to ski
Hahaha!!! No, we use sleds.. :P

Sumaya Elabi on Begin a charity to donate used toys to poor kids on Eid
I was going to begin it this year, then turns out there is several already in the DC & NJ area. We should join them :)

Sumaya Elabi on Travel with a non profit organization
No, but I have a few others organizations in mind.. Not until the kids are in college :)

Khuram Zaman on Travel with a non profit organization
Have you looked in to US Peace Corps?

Khuram Zaman on Learn how to ski
You're a Canadian but can't ski? I'm so disappointed! I thought that's how you guys get around everywhere.

Khuram Zaman on Begin a charity to donate used toys to poor kids on Eid
This is a GREAT idea. We should do this!

Khuram Zaman on Visit a volcano

Sumaya Elabi on Visit a volcano
I know a little boy who would love to do just that.. :)

absolutelycrazyaboutcinema on Skydive
Wow! I've wanted to do something like that for months (thanks to Point Break), but I'm too scared. Congratulations :)

absolutelycrazyaboutcinema on Read every story written by Edgar Allan Poe
Again, sorry for my late response :( The first thing from Poe that I've read was The Tell-Tale Heart, as I've seen a short horror film, which was a tribute to this story. I also ...

absolutelycrazyaboutcinema on Dress as a comic book character
I know that I reply after 3 month and I'm soooooo sorry :( I haven't been here for a while. Anyway, it's a difficult question! I have so many favourite comic book characters, that it ...

Lydia Aguilar on Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
bora bora is sooo beautiful!!! the water is just sooo amazing!!

Ben Hoor on Have a New Year's Kiss
Well. Having sex is a bit better than just a kiss. Besides, you have completed one night stand if it was your first time :) I went to UBC party and it was just a ...

Kasia Wolny on Szybka chwilówka na konto

Kasia Wolny on Szybka chwilówka na konto
zapraszam na stronę <a href="">szybka chwilówka na konto</a>

Christian Mercado on Play Mud Football
It's super fun! Just make sure to wear clothes you don't care about, and careful about getting mud in your eyes.

rachy rach on Meet Godsmack
I'm going to see them at Soundwave Festival in Melbourne, Australia next month. :D

Jessica Hill on Decorate a cake professionally
my mom can help me with this one

Jessica Hill on Have a star trek marathon
i can do this on my own

Jessica Hill on Read a good book in the hammack
i can do this one myself

Jessica Hill on Have at least 9 online boyfriends inn my life
i can do this one by my self

Bart Lindski on Buy an aluminum boat
Nice! Great work. Did it have an engine or was it a row boat? most importantly, did you catch many feasts?

Tom Warren on 1 - Rewrite my personal mission stmt
150108 - wrote first draft

Bart Lindski on Write a song called 'Bucketlist'
I like it! great idea.. Can't wait to hear it!

Leigha Lynch on Go on a cruise with my family
You better follow me back hayday

Sara Ruthnum on Bungee Jump!

bluenwild on Write a song called 'Bucketlist'
Please make a video and share it on here once it's done. =)

Andreja Gros on Preživeti teden dni v popolnem molku
Molčim, ko sem slabe volje ... po enem tednu molka bi si verjetno že iskala nekaj za 'žile rezat' :-) Res me zanima, kako se boš počutil.

andrzej wajuszka on Kiss someone famous

Holly Rudolph on Attend a dulcimer workshop
Dulcimer AND ukulele classes --- this weekend in Jtown!

marilyn barnett on Anniversary plans
Been checking hotel rates and activities that the cities might be having around our annivsrsary