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Toria Robinson on Visit France
it was really good

Martin S on Go To The Eiffel Tower

Nina Yablonsky on Visit France
French don't all do that ! But about the bread, I have to say this is true... Hope you will go back to my beautiful country !

Nina Yablonsky on Visit France
What do you think about France after your trip ? :)

ZombieGirl on Do something cool for my 24th birthday
Thanks for all the cool heads ups!! =D It looks like a lot of fun, we are so looking forward to it! I knew certain people would understand what I was talking about. ;) haha

Augustinho De Silva on Visit Malacca
Hahaha, what a coinsidence.. i`m from malacca and currently working at genting highlands..

Augustinho De Silva on Chill out in Cameron Highland & Genting, Malaysia
Haha.. come here then.. i`m at midhills genting highland.. :)

Augustinho De Silva on Watch a movie alone in the movie theater
hahaha, i like that movie.. it sure knows how to tickle your funny bone! xD

Mike Thibodeau on Visit Australia
I went to Australia in '99 and can't wait to return

abriah on Do something cool for my 24th birthday
Went to Great Wolf Lodge a few years ago with friends. It was super fun! I recommend at least going once. You can eat right by the pool, the huge slide lights up at night(and ...

Guy Deshaies on Complete my Super Heavy Haul transport training course
Merci Johanne pour ton super de beau sourire et ton amitié...

Michael Randall on Sky Dive

Mau523 on Have my hair cut into a mohawk
Just do it :)

Vancouver Bucket List on Go on the swing at the end of the world
Very cool

Sara Ruthnum on Visit the Richmond Night Market

GuttersnipeRebecca on Step foot on doll island-Mexico
Dolls creep me out. The fact that is right in the middle Mexico should be scary.

ZombieGirl on Hold $5,000 cash in my hand at one time
Making it rain! lol ;P

Peter Brown on Visit San Francisco

zannwalker on Watch every movie that won Best Picture in my lifetime
I just realized there are so many great movies that I've never seen. Now that they're available online, there's no excuse for not experiencing these classics.

Fed Or on Learn how to solve a rubik's cube

bee hana rei on My Bucket List
great! thanks :)

Josie Crump on Draw my own mandala

ZombieGirl on Go to 'Roodharigendag Festival' (Red head day)-Netherlands
I am so going!!!!!! =D

Navada O'donald on Learn to shoot a gun

Novan Putra on Learn how to drive
wow! Congratulation! :D

zket02 on Learn a new language
Which language would you like to learn?

abriah on Hold $5,000 cash in my hand at one time
Damn girl! You go! LOL

Northern Dao on Visit Times Square
test it now

Yasemin Topuz on Get a gondola ride in venice
It is a great experience and very romantic...Just a reminder! Do not have the same ride with other couples... They always take photo and ruin the moment...

Autumn Taylor on Ride an Elephant in Thailand
This really needs to not be a thing. Most of the elephants in Thailand are abused and confined unless they are making money. Please research it.

Michele Leggett on Boat through the Waitomo Glowworm Caves
i think this place would be nice

Michele Leggett on Boat through the Waitomo Glowworm Caves
i think this place would

Mashiyat Hasan on Make a scrapbook full of memories
Helloo Sheri! xP

Shéri Jarrett on Make a scrapbook full of memories
Hello Mashy!! XD

abriah on Play sharades on the underground train with strangers
You should be more active on your bucket-list, I followed you a couple of months ago, and was going through my followed list, and unfollowing people. However, I don't wish to unfollow you quite just ...

ZombieGirl on Book my first tattoo appointment
Awesome!! Can't wait to see.......Don't forget to post pictures!!! =D I am finishing my right arm sleeve next week. You are going to become addicted! XD

abriah on Have my first job for six months
True, so true xD

abriah on Book my first tattoo appointment
Sorry, never saw this comment! I am getting a skull behind my left ear, and a praying mantis on my right forearm!:)

Georgia-May Coles on Visit South Korea
OMG DMZ* thinking of DMC's that is so embarrassing.

Ben Exton on See the Northern Lights

rania ranou on Meet a person with the same birth date as mine
hhh I didn't think of this ever before ! but it's great idea (y)

MayTung on Visit Japan
I am new, and learning to use this function.

domkerslis Darnell on Build my record collection
3 Hints For More Xp Points In Facebook Cityville Most of everything you are doing in CityVille is only going to earn you one or two experience points so that it can become rather worthless ...

evlifmo Bartley on Wear converse to my senior prom
4 Easy Steps to Getting Your Home Loan Adjustment Approved There are lots of folks today out there which are looking for home loan alteration help and in the event that you are one of ...

Melyssa Cardoso on Learn portuguese
Good Luck! Portuguese is really hard, but if you have a good language school you can speak it!

Edward Jones on Lose 80 pounds and be a healthy weight and be able to shop at stores for people my age
I am new and I just wanted to say, your not big in any way if anything your perfect the way you are, so don't be disheartened in anyway but I think this goal doesn't ...

Sara Ruthnum on Go on the swing at the end of the world
It's in Ecuador! Looks pretty scary, only for the brave!

Joshua Naismith on Go on the swing at the end of the world
Where is that ?

GuttersnipeRebecca on Hike part of Pacific Crest Trail
my brother did that this year. he loved ever min of it

Sarah Skubic on Drop that muffin top!
You can do this!

amelia badelia on Eat kangaroo meat
My BIGGEST Bucketlist item: See the world go vegan. Sick and tired how the world treats other species.

amelia badelia on Ride an Elephant
Elephants are not there for your damned amusement. For every jerk that pays to ride one in the East, one is subjected to abuse for the sake of your enjoyment. Think twice!

arianeatlass on Learn To Crack An Egg With One Hand
Hi there! the trick to crack an egg with one hand is to hit the egg on a sharp edge; like the edge of a glass bowl or a counter with a square edge not ...

Stephanie Connolly on Swim under a waterfall
That looks so amazing! I would love to do this too. Can you tell me more about the details of the trip. It is a goal of mine as well. Thank you.

lorenzo456 on Get high in Amsterdam
haha, this would be fun to do. I've been to Amsterdam many times, but never got high.

Marijke Kruger on Go on the swing at the end of the world
why do you want to do that

Jeremiah Fassoth on Run a marathon
!!!!!!!!#######8:45 pm#######!!!!!!!!

Jeremiah Fassoth on Run a marathon
Hi Daddy!!! It's me, Miah!!! Me and Jay love u!! Call us or just forget about everything then!!!

Minervi Gupta on Travel to India
You should visit places like Agra, Kerala, goa, Jaipur and Delhi. You are going to love it! :)

Minervi Gupta on Make a scrapbook full of memories
What a wonderful idea! I am gonna make one too :)

codebluebucket on Visit Niagara Falls
I came across you on here. Do you live on Vancouver Island?

Shayna Abramson on The gingerbread house!

Fabian Gudiño on Abrazar a un león cachorro
Será que hay como abrazar a un leon chiquito, no me morderá? Jeje

May Ale on Comprar una bicicleta
Yo tambien :)

Christian Nally on Go sailing
I can help anyone in the Vancouver / Victoria area navigate all the different options for checking this one off. (Maybe just come sailing on my families boat?) Sailors know ways of making this happen ...

Sam Wil$on on Ride a camel in Egypt
I rode in a car multiple times actually

Justinne Lemkus on Climb a Mountain
Chris consider Kilimanjaro!!

Rubabez Chikuwa on Go to Paris
i really wanna go to paris too

ZombieGirl on Book my first tattoo appointment
That's awesome! =) What are you going to get?

Dustin Goffron on Meet a MONK
It was a great experience staying at a monestary

Anne Fenwick on Visit Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve
I went here and I loved it.

Heather Doyle on Swim with dolphins

GuttersnipeRebecca on Visit NYC in 2014 #40For40
what is #40for40?

Alekhya Das on To overcome my fear of riding an escalator
i can help.. i have some history with escalators :P

Alekhya Das on Hold a Koala

Holly Johanna on Plan a floor event
Oh sorry I just saw this. haha well I am planning a christmas cookie decorating party for the third floor (my floor) of my dorm building. :)

ZombieGirl on Go on an Avenged Sevenfold concert
I have seen them 4 times as they are my favorite band! I saw them this summer at Rockstar mayhem festival. I was in the front row and while they were throwing out guitar picks ...

Leighya RUBIO on Pet a shark
That sounds so awesome!

Bisous AuRevoir on Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
I have used the Postcrossing website to send and receive mail to various people I don't know globally. You have inspired me to start mailing again. This time I will choose addresses on my own.

Bisous AuRevoir on Go on a road trip with no set destination
Great idea. What informs the direction you take?

Bisous AuRevoir on Spend the Day BLIND
This is a great item, as it can serve to bring one into a complete space of gratitude. Thanks for sharing.

Bisous AuRevoir on Travel through blind booking
Love this idea. Don't know how it will take shape, but I have added it to my list. Thanks for the inspiration.

Caleb Dillon on Road Trip with Friends
You sure as hell ain't going with me...

Caleb Dillon on Graduate from university
LOL good luck with that!

Caleb Dillon on Skinny dip
You would wanna skinny dip, ya slut.

Jespey on Visit Skypoint
On the Gold Coast QLD?? This is where I work! Started a month ago as a climb leader. Yes you really should come visit ;)

ZombieGirl on Walk through a corn maze
Thank you! =)

ZombieGirl on Never Drink or Do Drugs
You know things like caffeine/cigarettes and pills are drugs right?? So technically every single person on this planet has done a drug sometime in their life. Unless you have some how never drank coffee/soda. Yes ...

Sherica Freeman on Visit the Bacardi factory in Puerto Rico
It was sooo fun

Tristan Tran on Me rendre à 115lbs et le maintenir
C'est fait ça aussi Patate!! je crois??

Tristan Tran on Visiter Vancouver et les alentours
C'est fait Patate!!!

GuttersnipeRebecca on Walk through a corn maze
love these photos!!!

GuttersnipeRebecca on See all 51 Disney Movies
I've still yet to finish this one I am only like 5 away too


ZombieGirl on Wear crazy contacts
those are awesome!

ZombieGirl on Have my first job for six months
Congrats! I think we all wanted to quit our first job after 2 weeks. haha XD

sselicplan Parent on Marry My Soul Mate
Wood Blinds - Choosing the proper Slat Size One of the good things about buying custom window treatments, besides getting quality, is choice. You will get exactly what you desire and require. But pick is ...

sselicplan Parent on Marry My Soul Mate
Wood Blinds - Choosing the proper Slat Size One of many good things about buying custom window treatments, besides getting quality, is choice. You may get precisely what you would like and require. But pick ...

ZombieGirl on Own a plaid peacoat
I know they are so cute and pretty warm too,perfect for fall! =)

abriah on Own a plaid peacoat
So cute! I actually kind of want to buy one for myself, now lol!