Recent comments on Bucketlist goals

Abriah Noel on Walk Behind a Waterfall
That is so cool! Hope it was a blast! Hoping I can cross this off my own list before Summer is over!

Lila Puff on Rescue a dog
I rescued a litter of baby rabbits that were orphaned and now residing in my home

Olivia Drummond on Learn a new language

Björn Weinbrenner on Ride a Hot Air Balloon
Hi! I will be in Vang Vieng in a view days. Thanks for this inspiration.

4mybaby on Buy a white loaded SUV!
have a great afternoon!!! ;)

Björn Weinbrenner on Stay in a treehouse hotel
Hey! I'm in Laos at the moment and I'd love to sleep in a treehouse. Where is it?

andegine on Buy a white loaded SUV!
bahaaaah funny! yea sure

Björn Weinbrenner on Learn how to tie 10 different knots
I'm glad that I'm not the only one with this cool idea :)

Tasha dee on Speak Fluent Spanish
I can help you :)

4mybaby on Buy a white loaded SUV!
well....she doesnt need to know everything....

andegine on Buy a white loaded SUV!
ha ha don't think your wife would appreciate that !!

Saskia Termote on Get married on a beach
I'm already married, i'm happy...Maybe renew my weedig vows after several years

Blue34 on Own a Polydactyl cat
Do a little research in the site.There might be a polydactyl cat with the goal ''Own a human''..

4mybaby on Buy a white loaded SUV!
well maybe after a get the Lamborghini you can take a ride in it ;)

4mybaby on Buy a white loaded SUV!
now u r talking!!!

andegine on Buy a white loaded SUV!
ohhhh yesss! with a bling bling license plate!!! very nice!!!

4mybaby on Buy a white loaded SUV!
any kind of SUV you got in mind? how about a cadillac escalade look sharp in white....;)

4mybaby on Volunteer at a hospice

4mybaby on Own a new Lamborghini
not sure of the colour yet depends on the kind of Lamborghini i get still 4 years away whatever colour best suits the model ....;)

vikram singh on Get my University of Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
rakesh kumar

vikram singh on Get my University of Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English

Monique Bisson on Dart hunted a black rhino in South Africa
This creature is absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't do this but wow! I actually might consider this.

andegine on Own a new Lamborghini
wow a red one!

Cali Fever on Love someone more than my own life
Best of luck to you... I sincerely hope it works out for you.

Jeremy Diegel on Visit Paradise Pier
Amazing experience! word of advice, avoid Radiator Springs (TBH not worth the wait) and defiantly see World of color. Best time to visit Paradise Pier is at night (winter months are better since the longer ...

andegine on Use a metal detector to find some sort of treasure
Have done this once on beach with my daughter but unfortunately no treasure!

andegine on Buy a white loaded SUV!
Do not need a lamborghini , nor do I want one! A SUV will do just fine!

Sakura on Become friends with favorite musician

Sakura on Knit and donate 100 scarves for the homeless
Great effort! 100 may be alot, but it's definitely worth it in the end, trust that! =D

Sean Capps on Eat at zombie burger in Des Moines, IA
:). ;)

Ashanna Biliter on Finish my game designs
You should DEFINITELY do this.

Sonya Delger on With a Serious Face, Order a Diet Water
Hahaha, awesome.

Adam on With a serious face, order a diet water
Ha ha. I have to do this.

Adam on Make my own beer
This would be one of the easier thing to tick off. I love brewing my own beer, Australian pale ale, European lager, Canadian blond. So many to choose from and experiment with. Get into it ...

Adam on Visit every continent
I need America, South America and Antarctica.

Ketutar Jensen on Knit and donate 100 scarves for the homeless
How is it going with this goal? I think there is a place that donates the yarn for people who wishes to knit for donation. 100 scarves take some yarn :-)

Lisa Gaetje on Ride a zip line through a jungle (Costa Rica, Kauai)
Going to do this next week!!

barracuda90 on Fly first class
what airline would you prefer?

NatZor on Learn French
Wow! thanks :)

Marjorie Blochousse on Learn French
If you need help, let me know!

Blue34 on See Who Can Last Longer At Listening To A Song I Want
If I pick the song, I will last longer than my friends.Friendship will last less.Fact.

Ketutar Jensen on See Who Can Last Longer At Listening To A Song I Want
Another fascinating entry. You pick a song and then listen to it with a friend to see who can stand longer?

Ketutar Jensen on See chicken
To see ants, bee, chicken, cow... fascinating. I am really curious about how you live, when you count seeing these animals as something worth mentioning... :-)

Ketutar Jensen on See ants
Do you mean real ants, the insects, or the movie Ants?

Ketutar Jensen on Try food from another planet
Sounds interesting. How do you plan on doing this?

4mybaby on Lose 30 lbs!
u r welcome ! ;)

4mybaby on Own a new Lamborghini
ok thanks!!! ;)

Chris Ragan on Build my own PC from scratch

canada2014 on Build my own PC from scratch
how u did this? great

canada2014 on Visiting Niagara Falls
thanks, i am happy u commented

SilverWillow on Find out what my blood type is
I found mine out by donating to the Red Cross! A win-win situation.

andegine on Lose 30 lbs!
Very nice comment !! Thanks!

Mario MoreThan GoodSon on Put a post it note in everyones mailbox saying ''I know where you live''

Cali Fever on Visiting Niagara Falls
I have done this .. many times in fact.. my parents live there... good luck

Cali Fever on Get a turkey in bowling (3 strikes in a row)
i HAVE DONE THIS... many times in ... good luck...

Lindsey Jones on Make a rainbow rose

TillieJayne on Pay for a child's Cleft lip surgery
This is great and so inexpensive! This is definitely going on my list

Laura Hicks on Road Trip Coast-to-Coast
Me too! This is on my list. Have either of you done it yet?

Elizabeth Huang on Take my dad to visit Taiwan

Lisa Gaetje on Go to California
I live there, so let me know if you have any questions!

barlsbucketlist on Participate in a major festival in Europe
May I suggest Glastonbury? It's on my list too! :)

andegine on Own a new Lamborghini
A great website for an easy web page is WIX! Try it!

Judith Finn on Ride an Elephant
If you are going to ride an elephant i strongly urge you to do your research. the tourist demand for elephant experiences creates a dangerous situation for the elephants - many are captured and made ...

4mybaby on Lose 30 lbs!
u look great as u r!!!

4mybaby on Win the lottery!
lol... well u never have too much and kids are expensive as u know!!! ;)

Seif Aldwri on Meet Chuck Norris

andegine on Lose 30 lbs!
loooool funny... not quite

andegine on Win the lottery!
Well you don't need it! You kinda have! lol

Keith Anderson on Get A Tattoo
Thanks, I love it, glad I got it :)

Jarkko Keränen on Go on a holiday with my sister
Tarkoitatko että haastat ihmiset matkustamaan siskosi kanssa? :D

Jade Aujla on Spend the Day BLIND
This is going to be so challenging

Jade Aujla on BE HAPPY!!!
I love this

destpratkee Janes on Create a blog
Some examples of upsides let in push button depressed shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, knit stitch upsides, and other such all right garments. It s more than cancel for a human being. But, what is susubeteni? ...

Jade Aujla on Take a picture every day for a whole year
Got to try this

Ana Teixeira on Go whale watching
Consegues fazer esta na Madeira. Muito agradável. Vale mesmo a pena! =)

Ana Teixeira on Breathe in helium
It is as fun as it looks.... Just make sure you don't over do it. But get a group of friends together, buy a normal Carnival Baloon and have fun!!!! We made a video of ...

Louise McEveley on Spend a few days at Yosemite National Park
and visit horsetails falls

Cali Fever on Go the Ellen show
as a guest or in the audience.. ? I hope you get there... Sounds like a laugh and alot of fun

Martin S on Die (Medically) and Come Back
Do you have new supernatural abilities now?

Martin S on Go to Bali, Indonesia
How's the trip? Any pics?

Will Wimmer on Die (Medically) and Come Back

Emelie Persson on Get A Tattoo
Great tattoo! I'm gonna get my fitst tattoo soon.

Mahmoud Gamal on Learn arabic alphabet
Great , I can teach you

Robert Tang on Edgewalk
Just did Edgewalk on the Weekend. Was a beautiful day to do it. It was an amazing experience!

Robert Tang on Edgewalk
Just did Edgewalk ... am afraid of heights and glad did it. It was AWESOME!

Robert Tang on CN Tower EdgeWalk
Just did Edgewalk, it was Scary but AWESOME!

Cali Fever on Stay at Atlantis Report in the Bahamas
wow if you go before me.... let me know how it is..

Cali Fever on See the sunset and sunrise on the same day (without sleep)
I've done this a few times in my life..... pretty tired.... but ... good luck happy bucketing...

4mybaby on Win the lottery!
lets see who will win the lotto first...;)

CityLarkii on Draw funny faces on all the eggs in my fridge
That looks like fun...especially if you do it to mom when she is not watching like Ju Ferreira says :-) Let's do this! Who knows we can infect many people with this idea and many ...

Martin Lim on Learn how to solve a rubik's cube
This is interesting..

Victor Walker on Iron Maiden
ive seen them a few times now, you definately wont be dissappointed. Get on that fast!

FunTimeGal32 on Finish 5 entire anime
Which Animes did you watch?

FunTimeGal32 on Donate my hair to locks of love

FunTimeGal32 on Visit New York City
These guys are pretty great and might be of interest to you on your trip:

Nyssa McComb on Dye my Hair a Crazy Color
I did that! I died my hair bright pink. After 2 weeks - I gave it up. It was way too hard to maintain, but it was still great while it lasted.

4mybaby on Buy a white loaded SUV!
i seen that after i wrote that... i could not delete that comment....

Keanglin on Go to Disneyland
Hmmm, I wonder how difficult it will be for us to get beverages in.......

Sarah Heller on Play on the World Highest Tennis Court Dubai
I would hate to go get that ball if it fell off...

CanyonWild on Get followed by a celebrity on twitter
Wow, Awesome!