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Zorin Muller on Go on an african safari
And see an African Elephant with other animals in an open Savannah....

Zorin Muller on Build a Gingerbread House
Ceritanya Hansel & Gretel ya - ehehehe

Chris Harasta on Play 500 Different "Board Games"
Edit: Somewhere in my top 10 should be Dominion.

missripley on "Unplug" for 48 hours
I gave up tv for a week and got so much done!

Emma Pollard on See the Northern Lights
I would love to see the northern lights defiantly something I have to do before I die:)

ZombieGirl on "Unplug" for 48 hours
Couldn't go 48 without video games and TV??

ZombieGirl on Proudly wear a bikini
Thank you! =) =)

Abriah Noel on Proudly wear a bikini
You look fantastic! You should be undeniably proud of your body! You go girl!

James Briscoe on "Unplug" for 48 hours
I could never do that without tearing my hair out!

Lisa Link on Get 100 likes on a facebook profile picture
Congratulations, but this is a really pretty picture so you deserve it! :)

Lisa Link on Be the voice of an anime character
Do you want to dub an episode that will be on the tv or just one for the internet? Because if it's the letter you could write to one of the countless fan dubbing teams ...

Jessie Johnson on Go on a treasure hunt
Robert have you thought of diving for treasure

Ooha Maruri on To go on a long Cycling trip

jayasri sridhar on Be the voice of an anime character
ikr, even i lyk anime a lot. voicing a character wud be real cool.

Susannah Cherry on Lose another 3lbs
I like your style. Bit by bit is the way to succeed!

Sas Pro on Learn to ride a motorcycle
So want to do this but scared as hell 'cause the death rate in a bike is hard

bluenwild on Get 100 likes on a facebook profile picture
or I just have more facebook friends because I add everyone I just hardly know lol

Shivee Sirmauri on Smoke a joint in Amsterdam
Take me along..!

ZombieGirl on Get 100 likes on a facebook profile picture
I will never get that many likes because I am not pretty like you. lol

Niala Wesley on Eat fondue
Fondue will always make me think of Brittney S. Pierce and her cat from Glee.

ZombieGirl on Reconstruct 2 tee-shirts
Looks awesome! =)

ZombieGirl on Reconstruct 2 tee-shirts
I have done this to many of my shirts! =)

Yingting Huang on Get a driver's licence

Niala Wesley on Have many piglet dalls
They are so adorable! Now I want some. :)

Niala Wesley on Get my driver's license
I hope things work out, whatever is going on.

Niala Wesley on Participate in GISHWHES 2014
I'm definitely going to participate next year. The only reason I haven't is that I do not have any friends and am not good at doing outgoing things by myself.

Niala Wesley on Fill an entire spiral notebook with writing
Writing in spiral notebooks is one of the reasons I still get giddy over back-to-school sales. Spiral notebooks go from $1 down to 10-25 cents.

Niala Wesley on Read a whole book in one weekend
I will add that to my list of books to read. I own Pride & Prejudice and zombies but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I did read a zombie book called Allison Hewitt ...

Niala Wesley on Try Funeral Potatoes
I think I've had that before. I love potatoes and eat them every way (peeled and chopped, French fries, tater tots, hash browns, wedges, curly fries, mashed, etc.)

Niala Wesley on Watch a spider eat a bug
Most bugs seem to be part demon. I mean, they get stepped on by beings thousands of times heavier than them or roll around in poison or get chopped in half and yet sometimes they ...

Niala Wesley on A wraparound porch
I absolutely love gothic Victorians. It's one of the reason I love ghost movies. They often feature 3 story houses with wrap around porches, large windows, dark wood paneling, library, double doors, secret passageways, attics, ...

Kryssi Kay on Go a month without drinking Pepsi
For 3 years I had given up soda. I didn't know what started it. I remember at an event I was given soda and I sipped it and my teeth began to hurt. I drink ...

ZombieGirl on Go a month without drinking Pepsi
I hardly drink soda anymore for the same reason. I use to drink sooo much as a teen. Now when I splurge and get a Pepsi I have 2 sips before I feel sick and ...

ZombieGirl on A wraparound porch
My dream home would be a Gothic Victorian! They are by far the most beautiful house to me. I would be fine with any Victorian house though. =)

ZombieGirl on Watch a spider eat a bug
I did not know about the worms latching onto peoples eyes and make them go blind....what kind of demon worm is that!? haha

Niala Wesley on Attend Anne Rice's Vampire Ball in New Orleans, LA
How have I never heard of this? I first read Interview with the vampire in elementary and now I have almost every single book by Anne Rice and even collect her son's books.

Niala Wesley on Say Yes To Everything For A Day
My family would abuse the hell out of this. The first thing they'd ask me to do is eat meat (I've been meat-free for 12 years). My sister would probably make me cut off my ...

Niala Wesley on Go a month without drinking Pepsi
I was always a Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper girl while thinking Pepsi was gross. One of my sisters loves Pepsi. I had to give up dark soda because it was starting to make me ...

Niala Wesley on Buy a shirt from the TV Show "The Walking Dead"
I laugh every time I see those words. Instead of reading "Don't open, dead inside" I read "Don't dead, open inside".

Niala Wesley on Watch the Top 100 Best Movies of All-Time
I've seen over 60 of those. The Star Wars movies had a few great moments but overall are definitely overrated. Horror movies are amazing and I get the zombie love. I've seen dozens of zombie ...

Niala Wesley on A wraparound porch
My dream house would definitely have a wrap around porch. I love Victorian houses!

Niala Wesley on Watch a spider eat a bug
True. Mosquitoes have proven to be deadly. If they weren't important to the eco system I would put worms on the list. Did you know that the second most common reason for humans going blind ...

Laura Corcoran on Get Married in Lapland
Hi Judith, Yes of course, please feel free to email me on :)

Judith Dirckx on Get Married in Lapland
Hi, I saw your picture as I was editing my bucketlist . I would like to get married in Finland too someday. Could you give me some more information about how to arrange the paperwork ...

ZombieGirl on Watch a spider eat a bug
You can add mosquitoes to that list!

kbankavir Dumont on Start a travel savings account
For those who savour taking paintings, don't draw a blank to bring a waterproof photographic camera. Will they, won't they? Split the minors into two equal teams. And mathematics secret plans as good as former ...

Niala Wesley on Be in a zombie walk
I barely heard of zombie walks a few months ago when an example of it was on an episode of Castle S5. Horrible luck if the zombie apocalypse began during a scheduled zombie walk.

Niala Wesley on Watch 20 Silent Movies
So far of those I've only seen Metropolis and Nosferatu.

Niala Wesley on Watch a spider eat a bug
I don't even like bugs (except for crickets, ladybugs) but this has me horrified. I feel so bad for the bug. It is combining my two worst fears (spiders + being eaten). For some reason, ...

Niala Wesley on Do No Meat Mondays For a year
I've had over 600 Meatless Mondays! Been meat-free since 2002.

Niala Wesley on Own no more than 100 things for a year
I have a lot of respect for the people that can do this. My books and DVDs alone equal nearly 1,000 items.

Niala Wesley on Start a travel savings account
I would need to win the lottery to have enough travel money. There are so many places I want to visit and I would want to get souvenirs from all of them.

Bart Lindski on Swim ten laps crawl at Kits pool
I've been swimming laps there all summer. It's so nice when the weather is nice. Great job.

Abriah Noel on Meet an online friend in person
Niala, It wasn't what I expected. Don't feel bad that your mom has met her online friend but you haven't yet. It's just not your time! All good things come in time, when it happens ...

ZombieGirl on Have my picture taken with a llama
Me to =)

P X on Come in contact with the creators of
Thank you :) nice to meet, looking forward to great updates!

Niala Wesley on Have my picture taken with a llama
I don't know why but the word llama always makes me smile.

Niala Wesley on Adopt a child
Do you mean one of those charities that allow you to fund a child's survival ($$ for food, water, clothing, shelter, education)?

Niala Wesley on Fly in a Plane
I didn't see the "in" part in "fly in a plane". lol

Niala Wesley on Fly in a Plane
You said "fly a plane" instead of "ride a plane" so I thought you meant as pilot.

Niala Wesley on Meet James Marsters
He probably still goes to some fan conventions so this is achievable. I've been a fan of his for 17 years!

Niala Wesley on Meet an online friend in person
I'm embarrassed to say that my luddite mom did this while I still haven't. I've been obsessively talking to people online (message boards, etc.) since the late 90s/early 2000s while she has only recently been ...

Niala Wesley on Watch an entire season of your fave TV show in one day
Oh, the number of times I've done this! What show(s) did you choose?

Niala Wesley on Be vegetarian for a week
Please do this! I gave up meat 12 years ago and never looked back. It's good for your health, the planet (scientists say that the number one cause of destruction to the environment is the ...

Mascha Bakker on Zipline Through A Jungle
Es, dit is echt zó gaaf!!

Niala Wesley on Be Prepared to Survive Zombies
I'm almost fully prepared. I just have a few more items for my emergency supply bag (Geiger counter, etc.) and to research how to build this really cool weapon I saw on Bones without it ...

Niala Wesley on Be in two places at once
Since I don't know when that kind of technology will be available for the general public and it would take years of spiritual study to master an extrasensory power like that, I suggest going to ...

Niala Wesley on Be chased by zombies
Invest in a really good pair of sneakers. Make sure the laces are tied proper. And don't eat starchy/salty/artificial foods or imbibe drinks that make you sluggish (dark soda).

Niala Wesley on Be a Zombie Extra in a Film or TV Show
I'm more on the slayer side of things. So many want to be vampires and zombies but I'd rather be part of one of the ragtag teams that battle them. How many zombie movies have ...

Niala Wesley on Attempt what you see on TV for a day
If only. I would be flying in a TARDIS, slaying vampires, exorcising demons, and fighting for the Iron Throne.

Niala Wesley on Assemble an emergency kit for the house
May I suggest searching for items at the dollar store. In the city I live, dollar stores are packed with a wide variety of items. It's where I get most of my emergency supplies since ...

Audrey Baeselen on Swim with elephants
I've done it at the elephant camp @ Kanchanaburi. It isn't touristic and you're helping the elephants who've suffered from tourism.

Shel Clark on Be part of a flash mob
omg! I want to do this too! If you find one to dance in let me know! I'm in Columbus Ohio but will make the trip!

Shel Clark on Quit drugs

Lars Drageryd on Have sex
Glad for you. Good job.

Cali Fever on Visit a castle
I went here before it was all redone... wow its beautiful now ....

Cali Fever on Sing or play in a band
I did this for yearsssss best years of my life... !!! ENJOY IT !!!

Cali Fever on Have a wild deer eat out of your hand
my son did this... it was so amazing...

Cali Fever on Prepare a whole Thanksgiving dinner
Good luck with that... done it many times.. very satisfying ... and lovely

Catherine Conrad on Knit and donate 100 scarves for the homeless
Very easy to learn to knit scarves and there are oodles of terrific You-Tube videos that make it much easier.

Shel Clark on Play beer pong with Jay Z
:-) cool beans!

jasonlindstrom on Play beer pong with Jay Z
Hmmm.... Maybe it could be a 2 on 2. Me and Jay-Z vs Snoop and TI.

jasonlindstrom on Jump off a cliff in Greece
That looks amazing

Shel Clark on Play beer pong with Jay Z
that would be awesome! I just can't picture him being this chill Snoop Dog, or TI they would be chilled...

Shel Clark on Perform at an Open Mic
so cool!

Jenni Whipple on Go on an african safari
What steps are you taking to make this happen? :D

Dee Vee on See the aurora borealis
I've always wanted to do that.

Marina Andricic Lulic on Take a picture every day for a whole year
I start doing this on Saturday - It is fun :)

Dee Vee on See Pompeii
I've always wanted to do that.

Dee Vee on Donate blood
I've always wanted to do that.

Bart Lindski on Jumped off a cliff into water
lynn canyon is a good spot! have you tried buntzen lake yet?

jasonlindstrom on Meet Bart Wisniowski and Jason Lindstrom
Hey Martin, how are Jason and Bart?

Bart Lindski on Come in contact with the creators of
We have made contact my friend ;-) i'm following you as well.

Shel Clark on Get a tattoo
thanks GF! I need a round 100 more!

ZombieGirl on Get a tattoo

Martin S on Meet Bart Wisniowski and Jason Lindstrom
Wow this is so cool! How are they in real life?

Martin S on Get a Mug
I hope the mug comes with that awesome product description story!