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Ketutar Jensen on Knit and donate 100 scarves for the homeless
How is it going with this goal? I think there is a place that donates the yarn for people who wishes to knit for donation. 100 scarves take some yarn :-)

Lisa Gaetje on Ride a zip line through a jungle (Costa Rica, Kauai)
Going to do this next week!!

barracuda90 on Fly first class
what airline would you prefer?

NatZor on Learn French
Wow! thanks :)

Marjorie Blochousse on Learn French
If you need help, let me know!

Blue34 on See Who Can Last Longer At Listening To A Song I Want
If I pick the song, I will last longer than my friends.Friendship will last less.Fact.

Ketutar Jensen on See Who Can Last Longer At Listening To A Song I Want
Another fascinating entry. You pick a song and then listen to it with a friend to see who can stand longer?

Ketutar Jensen on See chicken
To see ants, bee, chicken, cow... fascinating. I am really curious about how you live, when you count seeing these animals as something worth mentioning... :-)

Ketutar Jensen on See ants
Do you mean real ants, the insects, or the movie Ants?

Ketutar Jensen on Try food from another planet
Sounds interesting. How do you plan on doing this?

4mybaby on Lose 30 lbs!
u r welcome ! ;)

4mybaby on Own a new Lamborghini
ok thanks!!! ;)

Chris Ragan on Build my own PC from scratch

canada2014 on Build my own PC from scratch
how u did this? great

canada2014 on Visiting Niagara Falls
thanks, i am happy u commented

SilverWillow on Find out what my blood type is
I found mine out by donating to the Red Cross! A win-win situation.

andegine on Lose 30 lbs!
Very nice comment !! Thanks!

Mario MoreThan GoodSon on Put a post it note in everyones mailbox saying ''I know where you live''

Cali Fever on Visiting Niagara Falls
I have done this .. many times in fact.. my parents live there... good luck

Cali Fever on Get a turkey in bowling (3 strikes in a row)
i HAVE DONE THIS... many times in ... good luck...

Lindsey Jones on Make a rainbow rose

TillieJayne on Pay for a child's Cleft lip surgery
This is great and so inexpensive! This is definitely going on my list

Laura Hicks on Road Trip Coast-to-Coast
Me too! This is on my list. Have either of you done it yet?

Elizabeth Huang on Take my dad to visit Taiwan

Lisa Gaetje on Go to California
I live there, so let me know if you have any questions!

barlsbucketlist on Participate in a major festival in Europe
May I suggest Glastonbury? It's on my list too! :)

andegine on Own a new Lamborghini
A great website for an easy web page is WIX! Try it!

Judith Finn on Ride an Elephant
If you are going to ride an elephant i strongly urge you to do your research. the tourist demand for elephant experiences creates a dangerous situation for the elephants - many are captured and made ...

4mybaby on Lose 30 lbs!
u look great as u r!!!

4mybaby on Win the lottery!
lol... well u never have too much and kids are expensive as u know!!! ;)

Seif Aldwri on Meet Chuck Norris

andegine on Lose 30 lbs!
loooool funny... not quite

andegine on Win the lottery!
Well you don't need it! You kinda have! lol

Keith Anderson on Get A Tattoo
Thanks, I love it, glad I got it :)

Jarkko Keränen on Go on a holiday with my sister
Tarkoitatko että haastat ihmiset matkustamaan siskosi kanssa? :D

Jade Aujla on Spend the Day BLIND
This is going to be so challenging

Jade Aujla on BE HAPPY!!!
I love this

destpratkee Janes on Create a blog
Some examples of upsides let in push button depressed shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, knit stitch upsides, and other such all right garments. It s more than cancel for a human being. But, what is susubeteni? ...

Jade Aujla on Take a picture every day for a whole year
Got to try this

Ana Teixeira on Go whale watching
Consegues fazer esta na Madeira. Muito agradável. Vale mesmo a pena! =)

Ana Teixeira on Breathe in helium
It is as fun as it looks.... Just make sure you don't over do it. But get a group of friends together, buy a normal Carnival Baloon and have fun!!!! We made a video of ...

Louise McEveley on Spend a few days at Yosemite National Park
and visit horsetails falls

Cali Fever on Go the Ellen show
as a guest or in the audience.. ? I hope you get there... Sounds like a laugh and alot of fun

Martin S on Die (Medically) and Come Back
Do you have new supernatural abilities now?

Martin S on Go to Bali, Indonesia
How's the trip? Any pics?

Will Wimmer on Die (Medically) and Come Back

Emelie Persson on Get A Tattoo
Great tattoo! I'm gonna get my fitst tattoo soon.

Mahmoud Gamal on Learn arabic alphabet
Great , I can teach you

Robert Tang on Edgewalk
Just did Edgewalk on the Weekend. Was a beautiful day to do it. It was an amazing experience!

Robert Tang on Edgewalk
Just did Edgewalk ... am afraid of heights and glad did it. It was AWESOME!

Robert Tang on CN Tower EdgeWalk
Just did Edgewalk, it was Scary but AWESOME!

Cali Fever on Stay at Atlantis Report in the Bahamas
wow if you go before me.... let me know how it is..

Cali Fever on See the sunset and sunrise on the same day (without sleep)
I've done this a few times in my life..... pretty tired.... but ... good luck happy bucketing...

4mybaby on Win the lottery!
lets see who will win the lotto first...;)

CityLarkii on Draw funny faces on all the eggs in my fridge
That looks like fun...especially if you do it to mom when she is not watching like Ju Ferreira says :-) Let's do this! Who knows we can infect many people with this idea and many ...

Martin Lim on Learn how to solve a rubik's cube
This is interesting..

Victor Walker on Iron Maiden
ive seen them a few times now, you definately wont be dissappointed. Get on that fast!

FunTimeGal32 on Finish 5 entire anime
Which Animes did you watch?

FunTimeGal32 on Donate my hair to locks of love

FunTimeGal32 on Visit New York City
These guys are pretty great and might be of interest to you on your trip:

Nyssa McComb on Dye my Hair a Crazy Color
I did that! I died my hair bright pink. After 2 weeks - I gave it up. It was way too hard to maintain, but it was still great while it lasted.

4mybaby on Buy a white loaded SUV!
i seen that after i wrote that... i could not delete that comment....

Keanglin on Go to Disneyland
Hmmm, I wonder how difficult it will be for us to get beverages in.......

Sarah Heller on Play on the World Highest Tennis Court Dubai
I would hate to go get that ball if it fell off...

CanyonWild on Get followed by a celebrity on twitter
Wow, Awesome!

oursweetembrace on Walk through Japans tunnel of lights
It's an amazing sight. Highly recommended. It's called Nabana No Sato. Runs from November - March. Park also includes a beautiful garden, restaurants and shops to keep entertained during the daytime.

Durga Devi on Die (Medically) and Come Back
How was it? :D

Durga Devi on Make guacamole
Looks yummy :D YUMZ.

Durga Devi on Go snorkeling

palimo Blanchette on Dye my hair a weird color (pink, purple, blue)
This is a full alternative, if one is trying to hold a find of the on-line gambling casino, before betting actual money. If you are not prosperous with mouthing those quarrels, and so it fun ...

NatZor on Die (Medically) and Come Back
Nice one :)

NatZor on Ride an Elephant in Thailand
It truly was. You certainly appreciate how majestic an elephant is.

Jo Pawley on Ride an Elephant in Thailand
Just amazing

andegine on Buy a white loaded SUV!
no it says a white loaded SUV! lol

Tanuj goyal on Travel to Italy

Tanuj goyal on Travel to Italy

Sierra Buckley on Visit trampoline bridge in france
They never actually made this bridge, it was just designed for a contest.

4mybaby on Own a new Lamborghini
u r welcome anytime!!!! ;)

andegine on Own a new Lamborghini
Glad to hear you are keeping busy! Thanks!

vikram singh on Take a picture every day for a whole year

Olivia Wilson on Go to hawaii and see the north shore
And book a trip with Napali Explorer on the Adventure boat! My cousin owns the company and it is one of the best things ive ever done in my life!

Olivia Wilson on Go to hawaii and see the north shore
I'm actually living here right now! It is amazing to say the least. Come see it! And visit Kapaa too!

Peter Hornbuckle on Get so drunk that i dont remember what happened
I have had too many of those. The best part is when people told me what I did. hahahahaha My friends and I have stories for days.

mariska vis on Read all the classics I own
you dont know how many i own though ^^ its quite a lot but not impossible ^^

Martin Lim on Cover someone's car in Post-it notes
This would be fun to do

4mybaby on Own a new Lamborghini
oh by the way have happy hoildays school is out ;)

4mybaby on Own a new Lamborghini
thanks!!!.....there is a lot of work to do in the process of starting a website for the foundation ect... the work never ends!!! grrrr.... good to hear you are doing great!!!

angiebcn89 on Attend a Murder Mystery Evening
This should be fun :D

angiebcn89 on Take a picture every day for a whole year
Very nice idea!! I think I'm gonna start doint it soon... :D

Evelien Van Dessel on Go to disneyland paris
Oooh, yeah ! <3

Wonnie Wu on Finish last school project
Thanks :x

Wonnie Wu on Visit Greece
I've just thought about Greece and Im going to add it on my bucket list :) I love Santorini at the first sight ... I can't wait to go there and explore things you said ...

Hailey Martin on Ride a Double Decker Bus
That's awesome I'd love to ride on one.. Its just the same old car for me everyday to school

Tanya Craven on Ride a Double Decker Bus
I didn't even know that ppl would want to do this. I get 1 to work everyday!!!

Loe Matt on Ride an Elephant
It's cool to realize that you're riding an elephant, but it's a little boring as for me.. after 3 mitutes.. he's moving too slow hah, but it's ok, great experience for sure! Do not forget ...

andegine on Own a new Lamborghini
Yes I'm doing well... also wanted to add that I think it's good how the board is helping out the community! It's a good wayto give back in his memory! I know how much your ...

esopin Dorman on Start a youtube channel
Kangaroos alive in Australia, Tasmania, and borderring islands. You can return an living photograph from your Gallery or return a new one. Budgets and fees are pliable and pupils encounter it commodious to follow the ...

Andreas W. on Finish last school project
You can do it :D

Cali Fever on Visit Hawaii
I so love this idea too...